My Story

A while ago my good friends gave me the nickname “The Red Headed Hostess”.

Always one to plan and host a get-together, I suppose I deserved that name.  Although many will say that my red has slowly been taken over by highlights – I will forever stand by my childhood red hair and freckles.

I have always believed that a woman’s role in her home is an honored one that carries a wonderful responsibility and that the more skills she learns, the more she will be able to give and bless those whom she loves the very most.

This site was born with the belief that we are hostesses in our home and to our family.

My life hasn’t been what I thought, but has been exactly right.  After  working at girls camps, studying abroad in Israel, working at a youth corrections facility, attending the University of Utah, and working at a youth summer program across the country, I began teaching Seminary full-time for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I originally thought that I would ideally teach for 4 years – once for each set of scriptures the youth study – but 13 years later I far exceeded my original intentions.  Those years were filled with teaching, learning, traveling the world, adventures, roomates, personal floral wedding design, speaking for the Especially for Youth Program,  and… dating.  All part of a grand tutorial to prepare me for the man of my dreams, our home, and our little family.  All that I have learned in teaching, in studying, in seeing other cultures and ways of life, of living in this wonderful and brutal world – has only emphasized the need of strong, capable, kind women – who are dedicated to their homes, their marriages and their families.

Me and my hubby currently reside in Bountiful, Utah.

You can contact me via my contact page