Decipher the Canticles…

This is a fun little thing I do with my classes at Christmas time, it could also be a fun thing for your next Christmas get together –  but first, you give it a try!

Just try and decipher or translate the following Christmas song titles.  They are popular Christmas songs put into different words that mean the same thing. 

For Example:  Sir Lancelot With Laryngitis

Sir Lancelot is a Knight.  If he has Laryngitis, he can’t talk – so he is Silent.  = Silent Night

Get it?

Give a few a try:

1.  Oh, Member of the Round Table with Missing Areas

 2.  Boulder of the Tinkling Metal Spheres

 3.  Vehicular Homicide was Committed on Dad’s mom by a Precipitous Darling

 4.  Wanted in December:  Top Forward Incisors

 5.  The Apartment of Two Psychiatrists

 6.  The Lad is a Diminutive Percussionist

  7.  Decorate the Hallways

Did you get them?

Here is the printout that have 25 song titles as well as the answers. 

christmas – decipher the canticles..

2 thoughts on “Decipher the Canticles…

  1. This was fun and pretty funny. Let’s just say I’m glad we use the names of the songs that we do. What a mouthful and kinda confusing! I’ll put it in the save for later file.

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