The Apostasy and the Restoration (worksheet)

Here is a worksheet for The Apostasy and The Restoration

Over my years of teaching seminary, I became better and better at teaching this topic.


1-  It is REALLY interesting!

2-  Most students didn’t really understand it

3-  The youth cannot fully understand and appreciate the Restoration without knowing what the Apostasy was.  And they had been taught SO much about the Restoration, Joseph Smith and the First Vision – but they hadn’t been taught well about the Apostasy, and most students couldn’t explain with confidence what that was.

4-  It is critical to understand.  In terms of what “the Last Days” means, what Joseph Smith really accomplished, why we needed the Book of Mormon, why the Priesthood was restored, why the CHURCH was restored…. and about 100 other things.

So here is a little worksheet for you to use.  This could also make a GREAT Family Home Evening.

You could take the worksheet and adapt it for your family.  Take the events and simplify them.  Have the kids draw pictures of them and then put them in order.

AFTER you talk about the Apostasy, THEN show the Joseph Smith movie that you can now get.  It will mean A LOT more to your kids when they understand it in context!

Here is the PDF: apostasy and restoration worksheet

And here are some suggestions of how to use:

Apostasy and Restoration Worksheet Page One

You can click on these images and print them off as images or you can use the PDF below.

Above you see definitions and descriptions.  If it is a bit intimidating for your youth, let them try it in pairs or small groups.

And give them plenty of time!  The process of thinking through it is VERY valuable and much more effective than being told it.

Apostasy and Restoration Worksheet Page Two


On this page is a bunch of events that need to be put in proper order.

THIS can help your youth immensely!!!

When I taught seminary, I would cut them up and have them try to line it up in order.  This is actually better than the activity  above (where they just write the letters in order to the right ) because it is easier to figure out and  they can fix things easily.  Also, as you talk through it they can follow the timeline right in front of them and it will click better.

So if you cut the sheet into strips – just cut off the letter so that  they aren’t confused by it.

Also— I tried to stay pretty general.  But trust me, this could be thousands of descriptions, as you learn about specific events, people and occurrences.  SO very interesting!

Apostasy and Restoration Worksheet Answers


Here are the answers.

And here is the PDF again:

apostasy and restoration worksheet

15 thoughts on “The Apostasy and the Restoration (worksheet)

  1. Thank-You! I am teaching a lively buy strong group of 13 yr old boys! And i am finding that although they come from strong homes, they don’t really understand some of these principles that we sometimes “assume” they know about. They really don’t know what the Fall is, or what the apostasy was. They have maybe heard of it before, but can’t really explain it to you. I was planning on starting this week with the “platter” analogy I taught on my mission. This is a great

  2. You are SO wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!! I love everything that you do and can not wait until your next post!

  3. I just came across your page from pinterest… I already have you bookmarked :) Thanks so much! Great help for my lesson on Sunday!

  4. You are so good at creating these worksheets that cover doctrinal teaching so well. It is very important that children and teens {and adults} know WHY the restoration had to occur. Understanding the apostasy is key to that.

    We use apostasy cups to teach about the apostasy. It has been a terrific tool for teaching in all situations: kids, teens, and adults. I like the idea of pairing that with these worksheets for more review and understanding.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely use this for my Sunday School lesson. I keep coming back to your site for something I can use for my lessons. How can I ever come up of your ideas?

  6. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your blog. I find it inspiring and appreciate the lesson help. There are a couple answers in the Order of Events that are incorrect. They should be L-C-A instead of L-M-N.

  7. Wow, thank you for posting this marvelous concise worksheets! It is a wonderful guide for discussions and games that could be developed from your worksheets!

    1. Hi Amberly!
      I am so sorry! I have been meaning to fix that. There are a couple of letters that I got mixed up – but the explanations are correct. So if you look at the answer sheet, the answers (that are written out) are correct, but I messed up which letter went with the explanation. So if you read the explanations – that would make sense.
      But I am going to fix it now. Thank you for the reminder!
      Shannon :)

  8. I have to say that your website is my absolute favorite to read and i can spend hours researching on there. You think the same way I do but I don’t write anywhere near as beautifully as you do. Thank you for making it easier to share these concepts with my YW and children.

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