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I have these burlap pumpkins scattered through my house.  I love them.  And they are almost free to make.  So I love them even more….

Last year I threw several of these together for a family get-together.  We had banquet tables set up and I wanted to decorate with something that I could scatter down the center and then turn into a favor for each family to take home.  So I came up with these guys.

Here is all you need:

1-  Squares of burlap.  You can cut various sizes and make small and large pumpkins.

2-  Cotton filling/batting

3-  Twine

4-  Orange and Green spray paint.

And here is how you make them:

1-  Lay out the square of unpainted burlap out

2-  Put batting in the center of the square.    Pull up the corners and gather them in the center.  Try and manipulate the cotton so it lies pretty flat at the base.

3-  Tie the top well by wrapping twine tightly

4-  Take the twine and wrap around the sides and bottom of the pumpkin to create the ridges

5-  Secure the twine by tying again at the top

6-  Spray paint the body orange and the top green.


You can seriously make a bunch of these in a really short period of time.  Perfect for some added Thanksgiving decor!


  1. These are so adorable! I’m definitely putting them on my to-do list for next fall. Where did you learn all of these ways to work with burlap? I’ve never seen so many crafty items using it!

  2. K Shannon! I am dallas graham’s sister —-i check your blog religiously–LOVE what you do! I love you and your wonderful amazing spirit and energy!

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