Weekly Scripture Kits – Monthly Subscription – 2019 New Testament

$ 10.00 / month

*NOTE: Our weekly kits are currently covering the last part of the New Testament.  The first Book of Mormon Kits will start showing in the subscription around mid December for active subscribers.

Please read product description and FAQ’s below before signing up or submitting questions.

*Our weekly subscription kits expire.  Please login and download each kit before expiration.  See below for more information.

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Become a monthly subscriber and receive the current Weekly Scripture Kits automatically in your account.

This is not a site-wide subscription.  This is for our Weekly Scripture Kits only.  To see our scripture kits, click HERE.  

WHAT YOU GET:  One weekly scripture kit that correlates with the the schedule found in Come Follow Me for Individuals and Families (which also correlates with the Primary and Sunday School manuals).

  • You will always have three weeks of lessons available in your account, the kit for the previous week,  the kit for the current week,  and the kit for the following week.
  • You will have access to ALL available kits for the current three week period.  When you sign up, your subscription starts with the current three weeks of content in the subscription.
  • Accounts are updated each Saturday with the new lesson put into your account and the oldest lesson removed.   There are expiration dates posted on each file in your account under “my subscription”.  You need to download them before they expire.
  • Our kits have things for all ages from Adults to Youth and Primary aged Children.  They are for use in the home as part of the Individual and Family curriculum and also for classrooms and the various manuals used for the New Testament.

HOW IT WORKS:  Just log in to your account on this site and download the kits you want to use. All kits are PDF Downloads.  Then print and go!

EASY TO CANCEL:  Just log in to your account, click on “subscriptions” and select “cancel.”


  • Monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed on the same day each month as your original purchase date.
  • Each kit has an expiration date posted on the download link.  Login and download each kit before expiration.  Once expired, there is not a way to download the file again unless purchased individually.
  • To avoid a subscription charge, cancel at least 2 days before your next renewal.
  • Membership auto renews each month.
  • Memberships cannot be shared with members outside of your household.  Please do not share your login information with others.
  • Digital files you receive cannot be shared, emailed, sold, or altered.
  • Due to the nature of the digital products being immediately available, there are no refunds for subscriptions already charged.
  • This is not a site-wide subscription.  This is for our Weekly Scripture Kits only seen HERE.
  • Subscriptions start with the current three weeks of content.  There is not a way to access expired kits within your subscription service.  Past kits can be purchased individually for $4.00 HERE.  If purchased, they will never expire from your account.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Subscription:

How do I access the downloads included in this subscription?
Answer: Login to your account and click “my subscription”.  All files currently available will show on your subscription page.  Please use Adobe Reader to open and print our files.

Do you sell only the study pages by themselves, or only the glue-ins, or only the children marking guides, or only the scripture art prints, or only the coloring pages, or only the ___________ etc.?
Answer: We do not sell our kits in pieces for multiple reasons.  If you don’t see a product or item listed on its own then there is not a way to get it on its own.  We realize that there is so much material in our kits that you will not be able to use everything but we still have priced our kits with that in mind.

Should I subscribe to the weekly kits or buy them individually?
Answer:  The kits in the subscription and the kits that are purchased individually are the same kits.  The difference is when purchased individually for $4.00 each, you own them forever and they will never expire in your account.  You can download them at anytime.  With the subscription costing only $10.00 a month, you save money compared to buying individually BUT you do not own the files and they will expire.  Once they expire you cannot download them again unless you purchase the file you want individually.  With the subscription, you can download the files and save them to your computer so even if they expire in your account they are still on your computer unless you lose them or delete them.  Subscribers will also often get bonus files added temporarily to the subscription for free.  Your subscription starts with the current three weeks of content in the subscription the day you sign up.  If you want past kits, you will need to purchase the kit(s) you want individually HERE.

Can I use the New Testament Scripture Kits for Primary?
Can I use the New Testament Scripture Kits for Sunday School?
Can I use the New Testament Scripture Kits for the Individual and Family curriculum?
Answer:  Yes, Yes, and Yes.  Our New Testament Scripture Kits include study and activities for all ages.  These kits can be used in conjunction with any of the 2019 New Testament curriculum manuals.  Come, Follow Me – For Individuals and Families, For Primary, and For Sunday School.

What is the difference between your New Testament Scripture Kits subscription and your New Testament Study & Activity Guide and Lesson Journal for Youth and Children?
Answer: The Study Guide will help you study an overview of each chapter in the New Testament.  It will help you organize your thoughts and determine which lessons or principles you want to dive deeper into with your family or class.  The weekly scripture kits contain lesson helps to help you teach specific lessons to your family or class.  So, as you are studying the chapters you may decide that you want to teach a particular parable found within the chapters.  We will likely have a kit for that parable with illustrations, tips, activities, etc.. They have study pages for adults and teachers and illustrations and activities for youth and children.  There are handouts and worksheets that you can print for your family or class as well as teaching suggestions.

When do you remove old kits and will I be able to access them once you remove them from the subscription?
Answer: You will always have three weeks of kits in your account.  The previous week, the current week, and the next week.  Every Saturday the new week will be put into accounts and the oldest week removed.  The expiration date on each kit is posted on the download button.  You will not be able to access the old kits in your account once removed.  If you want access in your account to kits forever then they must each be purchased individually HERE.  Promotional items that are included from time-to-time will also be removed at the conclusion of the promotional period.  Downloading and saving files to your computer will allow you to have access to them indefinitely as long as you don’t delete them.

I just signed up for the subscription, is there a way for me to access all past kits that have expired and have been removed?
Answer:  Your subscription starts with the current three weeks of content in the subscription the day you sign up.  If you want past kits, they can be purchased individually HERE for 4.00 each.  Each kit purchased individually will be owned by you and will never expire in your account.   There is not a way to get access to expired kits within your subscription service.



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