Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Shannon (a.k.a The Red Headed Hostess)?

Shannon is a wife and a mother. She taught seminary for 13 years full-time in Salt Lake before retiring at eight months pregnant! While teaching she went through the process of learning how to have meaningful scripture study and find the scriptures as a great source of strength. She also learned the importance of teaching with power by constantly coming up with ways for the students to learn for themselves. While teaching she was continually searching for great visual aids to help teach important doctrines. She found that they were hard to find so she began this website in order to produce these things for teachers and parents all over the world.

How do I download the files I have purchased from you?

When you buy a file from our website it is instantly available in your account on our site.  You are required to open an account during your first checkout so that your files have a place to go.  You will be able to log into your account whenever you want from any computer or device to get your files.  Almost all files are PDF documents and should be opened, viewed and printed in Adobe PDF reader.  If you don’t already have that or the version you have is old you can always get the most recent version HERE. You can log in to your account by clicking the login/register button in the top right corner of our site or by clicking HERE.  When you buy from our download store nothing will be mailed or shipped to you.  Downloading the file is required in order to get it.  Also your files are not emailed to you.  You should receive an email after your purchase linking to the log in page to your account.  Logging in to download your files is always required. For Subscribers: To access the files in your subscription, login to your account and click “my subscription”.  All current files in the subscription with their listed expiration dates are listed and can be downloaded from that page.

I am having trouble printing. What should I do?
While working with customers we have discovered that  almost all of our printing issues are due to using a different PDF reader other than Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader which is free and the most universal PDF reader.  Once downloaded almost all issues are immediately solved.  If you are finding that margins are being cut off in the printing process, simply check the box “fit” in the Adobe printer dialogue box.  Also make sure the settings on your actual printer are set to US letter or anything else using standard 8.5×11 sized paper.
If you are already using Adobe and your file won’t print or specific pages in the file won’t print then don’t worry.  This is a problem within Adobe and Adobe has an easy fix for you:
-click the File menu at the top left in Adobe and then click Print.  This will pull up the Adobe print screen.
-from the Adobe print screen click the “advanced” button.
-then check the box that says “print as image”.
-then print.
This usually fixes most issues within Adobe and will be worth a try even if you are experiencing a different type of problem.
You could also open the PDF in your web browser and print it from there if you don’t want to change the “print as image” setting in Adobe.
If you are still having issues please contact us.
Can I buy just a single page or item out of an already existing product?

No, there are many reasons why we can’t and don’t sell specific pages out of existing products in an al-a-cart type style. We break down our product offerings as much as possible already so that you can purchase a single package or a combo package for greater discounts. Buying single pages or activities out of an existing product is not possible.

Can you create a printout/product for me or can I have you customize or alter one of your existing products to fit my needs?

We do not do custom work or requests. All of our resources are usually being allocated to producing new products and keeping up with current product lines. Therefore, we have never offered a custom request function to our business. We sell files as-is and do not do custom alterations. We do take feedback on products ideas you would like to see from us in the future. If we decide to develop a product based off enough feedback it gets put on our production schedule which is usually very long.

I’m not able to save or print what I have typed onto an editable PDF?

The most important thing you need to check is that you are using Adobe Reader to make your edits.  It is required for all of our PDF files, especially editable PDF’s.  Also, there should have been some instructions included with your file explaining how to save.  Basically, you need to:

  1. Before you make any edits or type anything, go to the file menu in Adobe and select “save as”.
  2. Rename the file something specific to you.
  3. Close both the original file and the newly named file.
  4. Reopen the newly named file and start making your edits
  5. When done, click the save icon or “save” from the file menu.

Your changes will now print and be saved to the file for the next time you open it.  Saving to the original file will cause your changes to not save.  It will only save the file in its original form.  You must save your change to your newly renamed file.

What can be edited on an editable PDF?

Editable PDF’s have predefined text boxes. You can type whatever you want in those predefined text boxes but only those text boxes can be edited. Everything else that is in the PDF that isn’t a text box is part of the design of the file and is permanent. It is not editable

Can I change the art, design or size on one of your files?

No for a couple reasons. The main reason is it is against our terms of use to alter any of our files for any reason. The other reason is that our files are mostly PDF’s. PDF’s are not documents that can be edited. The designs, size and layout are permanent.

Can I print one of your PDF’s a larger size?

Our PDF’s are usually designed for standard sized 8.5×11 paper unless specified otherwise. If you try to print a file formatted for 8.5×11 in a larger size you will lose image quality. Depending on how large you print it may look ok but the larger you print the worse the image will look. If we are offering a file in various non-standard sizes it will be very clearly outlined in the product description and product images. Otherwise you can assume the file is formatted to 8.5×11.

I purchased one of your Bundles and can’t find some of my files?

All the files you purchased are in your account.  Login to your account HERE.  Please make sure you have downloaded all files before you contact us.  Some of our bundles have a lot of different files.  If you are not seeing something that was described on the product page then chances are you have not downloaded it yet.  Also, some bundles have .zip files in them.  Make sure you unzip the .zip file to access the files inside.   See “How to open a .zip file” below for more information if you don’t know how to do that.

How to open a .zip file

A lot of computers now open .zip files for you automatically. If your Windows or Mac computer is not then you can usually right click the .zip file. Then look for something that says “decompress,” or “extract”. At that point, the .zip folder will look like a normal folder with the PDF files inside. If you are using a mobile device then you must download one of the many free apps that open .zip files from your app marketplace.

How do I put my MP3 download song or talk on my phone or mobile device?

Our MP3 songs and talks are not found on iTunes so you are unable to download them directly to your phone. Instead, download the MP3 file to your computer FIRST. Move the file into iTunes on your computer, then plug in your phone or mobile device to your computer and sync. Then the MP3 file will be on your mobile device. On android, you can plugin your phone to your computer and drag the file from your computer to your mobile device.

What am I allowed to do with my download?

Our files are for personal, non-commercial use only. Unless specified otherwise our terms of use for downloadable products allows for unlimited printing of the file. You can give your prints to whoever you want so a single purchase could serve a group of unlimited sized if you are willing to print a copy for each person. You cannot give away the digital file, only your prints. You cannot sell your prints or use them for any other promotional purpose. This policy does not apply to MP3 songs or talks where other professionals have been brought on to create the product. You must buy the number of licenses you need for your group. The more licenses you buy the cheaper the price per MP3 becomes.

Is your website or your products approved by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Our website is not an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. To visit the Church’s official website please visit Our products do not go through the Church’s curriculum department and are not official products or teaching aids provided by the Church. The LDS church has reviewed our site and has stated that the things we are doing are not contrary to the Church’s mission. They did want a statement on our site saying that we are not an official site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which can be found on the bottom of our home page.  Also, we only use church manuals, books, talks, curriculum, etc. to create our products.

I also create and sell similar items. Am I allowed to create and sale or give away for free items you also carry?

We encourage all to create items that will benefit others. All of our items are our original works, creations and methods and are all legally protected.  All of our products are copyrighted and protected by copyright law. Because our ideas, items, and creations are original they are unique to our website and products.  Copying our ideas or products and either selling what you made or giving it away is against copyright law.  Simply recreating what we have done with a slightly different look or font does not mean you have an original product.  That is considered a derivative product from ours and is legally protected under our copyright.  We do protect our products legally.  We encourage others to create things that are unique to their own websites and products. Please do your research and study copyright law in understanding what is appropriate and legal to create for your personal business. Elder Bednar in his talk titled “To Sweep the Earth as with a Flood” talked about respecting intellectual property, “Our messages should respect the property of other people and organizations. This simply means that you should not create your own content using someone else’s art, name, photos, music, video, or other content without permission.”

I have never bought a download, what can I expect?
We work tirelessly to provide you with high-quality and top-notch study and teaching aids.  Each of our teaching packages is packed with things to help those you are teaching comprehend and apply the doctrines they are learning.  We seek to give you more than you would have time to use so that you can pick and choose what works best for you, or use everything stretched over multiple lessons.
Shannon’s test for each teaching package is that it isn’t finished until she would want to give that lesson and feels that it would be extremely relevant and impactful.  Her guide is substance first, graphics second (and our graphics must be perfect!).
We format our products to be able to be opened on any computer.  If you are having trouble, please be sure that you are using Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader which is free and the most universal PDF reader.  You can find it HERE.
I notice you have books and downloads. What is the difference?
We began our business selling scripture journals and a few months later decided to offer digital downloads for our books and also to provide excellent study and teaching aids.  We wanted a mother in Australia to be able to have a study or teaching aid for her family just as quickly and conveniently as one in Utah.
Most of our books come in a physical book you can get from our bookstore, or in digital format you can get from our download store.  The digital option is great for large families or groups who want to print multiple pages.
*As noted in our Terms of Use, when you buy a download version of one of our books, do not you are not allowed to give that digital file to others under any circumstance.  You are allowed to make physical prints of the file and you can give your prints to others but not the digital file.  You are also not allowed to alter our files in any way.  As long as our Terms of Use is followed we will continue to offer our physical books in download format.  If we feel like our Terms of Use is being abused we will no longer offer books in digital form and remove the books that are currently in digital form.
Who are some other contributors to your site?

While Shannon is the main contributor, we also offer works with best-selling authors, speakers, designers, and teachers such as Anthony Sweat, John Hilton III, Brad Wilcox, Courtney Aiken, Hilary Weeks, and more.

Do you have any of your products available in the Salt Lake area?

Yes. We have most of our books available at the Quilted Bear in Ogden, Draper, American Fork, and Locals on Logan UT. We also have some of our titles in Deseret Book, Seagull Book, and BYU Bookstore.

Do you offer group/bulk discounts for your books?

We do provide group discounts for church groups for our books. The group discount pricing tier is shown on each product page and the discount is applied automatically within your shopping cart when you have a qualifying quantity of each book. Please allow up to two weeks for your bulk order to ship. We print each book order on-demand. For this reason all book sales are final.

For digital items bulk rate discounts are not necessary. Unless specified otherwise our terms of use for downloadable products allows for unlimited printing of the file. You can give your prints to whoever you want so a single purchase could serve a group of unlimited sized. You cannot give away the digital file, only your prints. You cannot sell your prints or use them for any other promotional purpose. This policy does not apply to MP3 songs or talks where other professionals have been brought on to create the product. You must buy the number of licenses you need for your group. The more licenses you buy the cheaper the price per MP3 becomes.

If you have any questions about situations that may not be addressed in the above explanation please contact us.

Do you speak at firesides, camps, youth conferences, etc.?

Thank you so much for considering Shannon to speak at your event. She has loved her opportunities speaking all over Utah, and for the EFY program. Due to the high demands of motherhood, church callings and this website hasn’t been accepting invitations for the past few years. However, she is starting to consider invitations again. She will only accept a few invitations each year. Please make sure your request is for large groups. You can submit your request at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between your books vs. your subscription/weekly kits?

They are different. There is a little overlap but the subscription/weekly kits are always more detailed and include more options since we are not limited to a certain page count, color limitations, etc.  Our books can be used independently or with the subscription.

The most common way we hear that families use both resources is that they use the books for daily personal study.  Then the weekly kits are used for family learning and hands-on activities

The foundational feature to our weekly kits are the Study Pages for adults (and teens).  These offer marking suggestions, in-depth and relevant commentary, teaching tips for teens, quotes, and great discussion questions to use with your family or class.  They are the most popular item we have.

How do I access the downloads included in this subscription?

Login to your account and click “my subscription”. All files currently available will show on your subscription page. Please use Adobe Reader to open and print our files.

Do you sell only the study pages by themselves, or only the glue-ins, or only the children marking guides, or only the scripture art prints, or only the coloring pages, or only the ___________ etc.?

We do not sell our kits in pieces for multiple reasons. If you don’t see a product or item listed on its own then there is not a way to get it on its own. We realize that there is so much material in our kits that you will not be able to use everything but we still have priced our kits with that in mind.

Should I subscribe to the weekly kits or buy them individually?

You can do either! The kits in the subscription and the kits that are purchased individually are the exact same kits. The biggest difference is the value for money. One weekly kit costs $5.00 and once you purchase it, it will stay in the ‘purchased downloads’ section of the website and you can access it there forever. The monthly subscription costs $10.00, and you will get a kit each week of the month. They won’t stay on our website for you to download forever (we move them after a few weeks to make room for the new ones), but you can download and save the files to your computer to use for as long as you want. Other benefits to subscribing include having access to the current six weeks of content in the subscription the day you sign up; and subscribers will often get bonus files added temporarily to the subscription for free.

If you want past kits, you can purchase the kit(s) you want individually HERE.

Can I use the Weekly Kits for Primary?
Can I use the Weekly Scripture Kits for Sunday School?
Can I use the Weekly Scripture Kits for the Individual and Family curriculum?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Our Weekly Scripture Kits include study and activities for all ages. These kits can be used in conjunction with any of the Come, Follow Me curriculum manuals. Come, Follow Me – For Individuals and Families, For Primary, and For Sunday School.

When do you remove old kits and will I be able to access them once you remove them from the subscription?

You will always have six weeks of kits in your account. The current week, the next week, and four past weeks. Every Saturday the new week will be put into accounts and the oldest week removed. Once kits expire, they are moved into the “past subscription files” section found under the past files tab on your subscription page. They are accessible in that section for up to a year. For example, Book of Mormon 2020 kits will be available until the end of 2021. Doctrine and Covenants 2021 kits will be accessible until the end of 2022. Then they are removed. The kits in the “past files” section are only kits from when your subscription was active. If you want a kit that is outside of your active timeframe, it must be purchased individually HERE. Individual purchases never expire and are accessible under the “individual purchases” tab of your account. Download and save the kits to your computer before they are removed from your account if you want to keep them. Promotional items that are included from time-to-time will also be removed at the conclusion of the promotional period. Downloading and saving files to your computer will allow you to have access to them indefinitely as long as you don’t delete them.

I just signed up for the subscription, is there a way for me to access all past kits that have expired and have been removed?

Your subscription starts with the current six weeks of content in the subscription the day you sign up. If you want past kits, they can be purchased individually HERE for 4.00 each. Each kit purchased individually will be owned by you and will never expire in your account. There is not a way to get access to expired kits within your subscription service from before you were a subscriber unless you purchase the kits you want individually.