Our Little Girl’s Nursery…Part 2 | The Red Headed Hostess

I have been busy planning, painting, sewing, arranging, tucking, folding…. nurseries are a fun thing to create!

So since I am a pillow person, Pillows she must have.  And so this was my super easy, burlap meets lace, rough meets refined creation.

If you want one for yourself… look how easy:

Cut out 2 pieces each of muslin, burlap and lace in the same dimensions.  I did 15 x 9.

Sew the muslin pieces together, flip the inside to the outside,  stuff with filling, then close up the hole left you used to stuff the cotton in.

Place the burlap pieces together and then the lace pieces over the burlap.  Pin the edges together.  Since I left a raw edge on my pillows, I won’t be flipping the inside out, so what you see here is what you get.

Sew three sides together and then slide the pillow inside and then close up the open end.

The burlap WILL fray, so I simply pulled and pulled until I got all of the frayed strands out.  If you want, you could hem the edges to prevent the straying at all.

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4 thoughts on “Our Little Girl’s Nursery…Part 2 | The Red Headed Hostess

  1. You have peeked my curiosity, I love your pillow idea, but I can see little pink flowers, green/pink stripes, white crib and rocker. I hope you share more of your beautiful room. You have such sweet idea’s. Another winner. Your having so much fun, just wait until that darling is there with you. That’s when all your sewing, painting, planning, tucking, arranging work pays off. Great benefits. We’re so happy for you, God bless.

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