A Man’s Sandwich: Roast Dippers-The Red Headed Hostess

This is a man’s dream sandwich.  My husband loves it!  He is in roast sandwich bliss whenever I put this down on the table.

I made this for him when he and his father were building our new deck.  So they got this for lunch and dinner.  Then my husband wanted it again for the next 2 days.  And these left overs are just as good as the day when you make it.  Hallelujiah – I say.

So – I made 2 mistakes while photographing this.

First-  I left it on my sunlight setting.  Hence the washed out pictures.

Second-  My battery died while I was cooking the meat.  But that’s ok.  I just would have taken pictures of me throwing things in the slow cooker.

So – this is what I would have taken pictures of.

1-  Putting my 3 lb  beef round roast in the crock pot.

2-  Pouring in 1 box of beef broth

3- Putting in 2 sliced medium yellow onions

4- Putting in about 2 cups of sliced mushrooms

5-  Pouring in 8 oz of whole Pepperoncini Peppers with juice

6.  Adding 1 tsp kosher salt

7- Then I put my slow cooker on high for 4 fill the house with roast cooking aroma, spring cleaning, prepping my flower bed hours

When the roast was cooked, I took it out and shredded it

Then I added it back to the slow cooker

I let it soak in the juices for a little while.  I kept the cooker on high for about 15 minutes.

Then I sliced open the hoagie buns, buttered them, then added the cheese of my husband’s choice… which is always Pepperjack.

Then I Broiled on low.  And watched very carefully.

Then I heaped on the roast mixture and served it up with a bowl of the juices for dippin purposes.

Try it – and make your man very happy.

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