To Hannah…. 10 Months Old

Dearest Hannah,

You have been such a joy for us.  You are ours and we love that.

I wish I could capture every expression, sound and moment.

Like this one.  I set you towards the outside so you could watch the icecicles drip.

You watched for a moment…

And then you found us sitting on the couch much more interesting.

What can I say?  We just adore everything about you… and you give us plenty of things to adore.

Those little hands want to touch everything.  E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

We truly are seeing the world all over again.  We are learning so much from you.

This means you want to be put in your crib.  That is the only time you lay your head down.  Otherwise, you go, go, go.

By the way… you have enough hair now to entertain me every morning.

You are our little doll.


3 thoughts on “To Hannah…. 10 Months Old

  1. She is precious! There is nothing like being a mother and seeing the world through “mother eyes!” I am so happy for you and thank you for taking the time to still help us even when you’re so busy being a mom! I absolutely love everything you share! Thank you! XO

  2. Sweet picture’s. Hard to believe she is coming up on her first birthday.
    Life goes so fast. I’m so happy for you and yours. Nice knowing this little girl is wanted so much. It’s sad thinking about all the little ones
    who have no one to love them like Hannah is loved. She is so blessed having you both as parents. Don’t you just love the smell of them?

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