Alma 36-39 Sectionalizing Guide- The Red Headed Hostess

Sectionalizing is one of my favorite ways to mark my scriptures.

It is a scripture marking technique I have used for years.  It is simply taking a chapter in the scriptures and dividing it into multiple “sections.”  So you just group scriptures together that talk about the same part of a story, doctrine, teaching, etc.  Sectionalizing is beneficial because it can help you digest a chapter a little easier, as well as find things within the chapter in a snap!  Also, if you are a teacher, sectionalizing helps because you can see the story line unfold as well as significant doctrines or principles you may want to focus on.

If you want to give this a try, here is a suggested marking guide for Alma 36-39.

Note:  These are just suggestions.  You should read the verses first and substitute your own insights if you think of something different.

Here is the Alma 36-42 PDF:  Marking Guide

Here is the Alma 36-42 PDF:  Marking Guide


8 thoughts on “Alma 36-39 Sectionalizing Guide- The Red Headed Hostess

  1. Wow!! I am surprised to find that you do sectionalization also!! I started it on my own for the whole Book of Mormon on my mission in 2005-2006. I did title page summaries also, wrote notes all over like you. I would put an arrow next to the word I didn’t know and write the definition on the bottom of the page. I would use sticky notes to draw pictures of what was being described and save it on that page inside. I even used a different color for each person talking and made a key to go with it!! So much fun!! I still remember a lot but have forgotten a lot but when I read it I am amazed at how much I remember like I just had read it. I have started the Old, New Testament, D&C and Pearl of Great Price but I still need to finish it!! I love that you are sharing how to do it. I have always wanted to share how. Thanks for inspiring me to help people learn how!!

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