The Godhead – Personal and Spouse Study With Children Evaluation


In seminary we have something called “The Basic Doctrines”, which is a list of doctrines that we are supposed to focus on with a specific and constant focus throughout the year. This list  was put together by the Church Board of Education which is made up of propets, apostles and other auxillary leaders. They are inspired.  And this list has been a wonderful thing.

As I look through this list, I know that these things can make such a difference in our lives.  When we have individually paid the price to understand these things – truth will govern us and we change and become stronger and more capable in everything we do.  This list is not just a list of good things to know, it is a list of vital, eternal doctrines that absolutely help us to become like Christ.  They are grounding.

It may be interesting in Family Home Evening to have your family come up with the list of doctrines that they think this list may be made up of.  You could explain that there are 11 of them and some of them have sub-doctrines – but just come up with 11 basic doctrines.   Maybe split them up into groups or have them make them individually and see which group or person can come up with a list most like the Church’s Board of Education.

Here is their list:

  1. The Godhead  – God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost
  2. The Plan of Salvation – Premortal Life, Mortal Life, Life After Death
  3. Creation and the Fall
  4. Atonement of Jesus Christ
  5. Marriage and Family
  6. Dispensation, Apostasy, and the Restoration
  7. Prophets
  8. Priesthood – Aaronic and Melchizedek
  9. The First Principles and Ordinances – Faith, Repentance, Baptism
  10. Ordinances and Covenants
  11. Commandments

Along with the list of doctrines, we also received an explanatory statement along with a list of scriptures and other sources that would help us become knowledgeable in that specific doctrines ourselves.  So, I have gathered that information and made something that I feel parents would greatly benefit from.  This is something that I hope will give you some tools to really bless your children and to arm them with doctrine that will help them to combat the adversary wherever they go as well as be incredible examples of the power of doctrine.

Print off 2 copies of the Godhead  evaluation and spouse study.

In addition, if you have 4 children then print off 4 children evaluations according to their age.  Those are found in that same link above.

The directions are below.  My husband and I sat down together and started this, and we both expressed that this takes a lot of focus and energy – but it is so worth it.  This is a very personal study – not just a topical one.  You will see how this doctrine really effects you, and how it really effects your children.  We don’t have children of our own yet, but we still filled out the children evaluation and were both really impacted and in total agreement on how important it will be for us to teach them about this doctrine.  And I can only imagine that if we filled them out for individual and specific children, how the Spirit would have an opportunity to inspire us and reveal things about each of our children and how we could teach them individually.

The Directions:

First:  Both you and your spouse fill out the personal evluation.  This is meant for you to evaluate what truths you know about this topic as well as how it has influenced your life.

Second:  Fill out an evaluation form for each child.  This will help you to step back and see what you know that child already understands and where to go from there.

*One time during parent teacher conferences I was speaking to a wonderful, faithful mother and I showed her a beginning of the year test I had given to my students so that I could see what things they came into my class already knowing.  This particular mother’s child had done very poorly on the Plan of Salvation and I felt the mother may be interested in knowing this.  I will never forget her reaction – At first she was surprised, and then she realized something and explained to me that her child was the youngest of all her children, and she had been very faithful in teaching her older children on their level, but as this one came along – their Family Home Evenings were more geared to the older children and she hadn’t realized that she had not given her younger child the same attention.  That was a very insightful conversation for me.  These evaluation forms are meant for you and your spouse to sit down and discuss each child for each doctrine.  This will be extensive and very time consuming, but well worth it.

ThirdAfter, you feel out the evaluation forms, then you and your spouse can begin a study of this doctrine.  A list of scriptures has been provided as well as some talks, but by no means is this an all-inclusive list.  Just a beginning one – you may already know of other scriptures, talks, or parts of books you may want to study.  The reason I felt that the study would be most effective after the evaluations were done, was because then you have already discussed the needs of each child and have put yourself in a position where the things you study can help you with those needs.  A wonderful opportunity for you and your spouse to receive inspiration and direction for yourselves and your  family.

* I will continue posting these doctrinal spouse study guides with new evaluation forms each week.  I will post them in the order of the list I received.  I will also post ideas on how to teach these doctrines to your family as well as quotes and other sources.

Next week:  God the Father.

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  1. I love your God the Father study guide and your “basics” list. They have been a wonderful tool for our family in our study. I’m wondering if you have done study guides for any of the other doctrines on the basics list. We would love them! Thanks so much for your wonderful site. It has motivated me to deepen my personal and family scripture study.

  2. LOVE your site – your enthusiasm, your artistry, your testimony. Thanks for sharing so freely. Where did you find “President Harold B. Lee, “The Godhead”, CES Summer School Lecture?” It’s a gem.

  3. This is an amazing resource. Thank you for the time and energy you invested in sharing it with the rest of us. We struggle teaching our children the Gospel, many of which have special needs. We always try and find ways to teach them as a group instead of focusing on the “one”. It’s a great reminder for this mom of many (5) that I need to be a teacher of my children, not merely a survivor of them (which is how I feel most days).

  4. Hi there, I came to your site via sugar doodle and I am wondering if i missed…did you post the other lessons? I think this is amazing and I am always wondering how we can at least more effectively study our scriptures as a family. My children are 9 and 10 but I want to give them a great foundation!!
    [email protected]

    Thanks Janet

    1. Hi Janet! I will be posting them weekly and then at the end put them all in one packet for easy access. So you haven’t missed them 🙂

  5. This is very inspiring!! I have always struggled with knowing how to go about studying the scriptures. We are told so often that we should, but it is hard to do if you don’t know how. Thank you! You have so many wonderful insights. I just want to absorb it all. I need to remember to take it one step at a time and to be consistent. It is hard to be patient with myself. I feel like a little child just learning to walk when it comes to studying the scriptures. I really am grateful that you were willing to give us this information as I’m sure much of it is very personal. I feel so grateful to finally know where to start and how to go about it. I love your scripture journals!!!!

  6. Besides myself and husband, I have six children that will be blessed because of the information on your website. Thank you!!!!!

  7. This is great! Thank you. I didn’t know the Church had issued a Basic Doctrines list. I had been feeling overwhelmed at all I need/want to teach my children. This series will help me to focus and feel like I am giving it my best. Thank you so much for helping me strengthen my family. :~)

  8. Hi Shannon,
    Do you know if the Basic Doctrines with scriptures are somewhere on or elsewhere on the web? I’ve been searching and can’t find them! Thanks so much for all you do.

  9. You are amazing! I love that you are sharing this information. I am trying to really get my son ready for his baptism and these packets seem to be a great tool for really evaluating where he is at…and me! Thank you for sharing….this is really appreciated.

    Take care,

  10. I love your posting about The Godhead -personal and spouse study with children evaluation. You indicate you would be following up with others but i haven’t been able to find them. Are they still available?
    And the large black and white Plan of Salvation drawings…are they available?

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