1 Cor 1-3, 8


As I explained last week …. I have a new(ish) calling.  I am now the Gospel Doctrine teacher.

So, I decided that I could post my notes on this site to help aid you in your scripture study.

My intention is NOT to write other Gospel Doctrine teachers lessons – but to help you in your personal or family scripture study by providing a few insights, quotes, and the like.

If you see things in my notes like “share experience on the airplane…” that is just a part of my notes and should be totally ignored.    🙂

This week is stuff from 1 Corinthians.

I am posting it in Word and PDF.

PDF:  ss 1 cor 1-3, 8

Word:  ss 1 cor 1-3, 8

5 thoughts on “1 Cor 1-3, 8

  1. HI! Came across your blog on Pinterest and saw Redheaded and LDS and had to click as I’m redheaded and LDS! LOVE that you’re going to be sharing your notes. Scripture study is one of my weak areas so I’d love to study along with you. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and can’t wait to read more 🙂

  2. I just read about your new calling. I am excited about your plan of sharing lesson notes for Gospel Doctrine class. Just this morning I recieved a calling as a primary worker so I will be unable to go to Gospel Doctrine class. I was upset a little because I love SundaySchool class and taking notes during the lesson. Maybe I can still get as much out of the lessons though your notes instead of being able to attend class. There are always reasons for callings and the things that happen to us, our trials are personal for they are to strengthen and challenge us in enduring to the end. Thank you for letting the Spirit work though you to touch others.

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