Book of Exodus Page Titles


I know that many of you have been waiting for these!  I am so sorry – life has been a little hectic lately… but here they are!  🙂

These are titles for the Book of Exodus… so they are quick overviews of what is on each page.  Each title is meant to be written at the top of the specified page.  They are great for easy finding, referencing and reviewing.  I use mine ALL of the time.

Here is the PDF:Exodus Page Titles

9 thoughts on “Book of Exodus Page Titles

  1. These page titles really help in seminary. Thanks for all your time and effort!! I imagine it’s been hectic what with trying to get the journals ready. I just ordered some for gifts and personal use and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Thank you for sharing so much of what you’ve learned and developed.

  2. Thank you. I just finished sticking the page titles for Exodus in my scriptures. I don’t print nice like you and my daughter’s do so I printed the list out on CLEAR acid free sticker project paper. The first time I did this I used sticker paper that had white back ground, they are much thicker then clear therefore leaving a bump at the top of scriptures. I am going back through and replacing those that can still come out easy. The title pages look like they came printed in the scriptures. I cut off one title at a time leaving the page number on main sheet. Reason being that before I stick title in scripture I look back down and can see from page # where I cut the title from . I have placed some on wrong page, turning two pages at a time and not realizing it. I also cut real careful the black lines off. They don’t line up and it makes the title look crooked. They do look great and like I said they look like they came that way. Thanks again for all your insight and your hard earn work. What a great gift you give all of us.

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