Old Testament Scripture Mastery List, Flash Cards, and More!


Old Testament Scripture Mastery printable package!  This is packed with amazing things.  Flash cards, printable stickers, quotes, study sheets, posters, etc.!


Old Testament scripture mastery list, flash cards, study sheets, stickers, and more!

Check out what we have available for you this year!  You will see that our teaching aids are better than ever!

* This is the updated scripture mastery list as found on the seminary website HERE.

* Please check back in the near future for more things we are currently working on, such as the scripture mastery quizzes, story maps, activities and lesson helps.  You will love what we have coming and we will release them throughout the year.

Old Testament Scripture Mastery pictures and illustrations.  These are printable posters are amazing and teach the CONTEXT and the doctrine!


We put in a lot of effort to give each scripture mastery the perfect illustration or visual.  They are meant to help teach the meaning and context of each scripture mastery.  For example, if you look at the top right scripture for 1 Samuel 16:7 you will see Jesse presenting his 7 sons to Samuel.  This is happening in Bethlehem so we included what the streets of Bethlehem may have been like.  Samuel was choosing the next king and it was Jesse’s youngest son, not the oldest or the tallest, whom the Lord had chosen.  Jesse presented 7 sons and Samuel knew it wasn’t any of them and then asked if he had another son.  Jesse said he did, but he was out in the field tending to the sheep.  When Samuel finally met David he knew that he was the one to be the next king.  The key phrase is “The Lord looks on the heart” rather than the outward appearance.  So we are teaching the scripture and the context of the scripture in the chapter – this helps you find additional principles and gain a greater understanding of the scripture mastery.

Joshua 24:15 shows that “me and my house will serve the Lord” meant that Joshua and his family would serve the Lord.  We included what ancient homes in Israel often looked like, as well as some family members behind him.

You can see in Jeremiah 1:4-5 that Jeremiah was the prophet in Jerusalem so we included a Jerusalem-like skyline in the background.

Other scriptures, such as the Psalms and Proverbs, are meant to be felt and so we created posters that communicate the feeling, so they are more like art.

Old Testament Scripture Mastery pictures and illustrations.  These are printable posters are amazing and teach the CONTEXT and the doctrine!

Here are some more of the illustrations.  You can see that for Malachi 4:5-6 we included Elijah and a picture of the Kirtland Temple where Malachi’s prophesy was fulfilled.  We also included a family tree which illustrates what the Spirit of Elijah is all about.

On Genesis 39:9 you can see Joseph refusing Potiphar’s wife.  If you look closely you can see a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet in his pocket.  We loved that little detail and it can help invite great discussions with those you are teaching.

These posters are available in our combo package HERE.

Old Testament Scripture Mastery flash cards.  These are amazing and you can just print them!


We also have flash cards that print 4 per page.  These are fantastic for many great and fun learning activities.  You can see these activities HERE.  These flash cards can provide for many hours of fun!

In the past we have made key phrase only flash cards.  This year we included both the full scripture and the key phrase.  We feel this is superior so that those you are teaching can read the scripture to fully understand the key phrase.

Check out how we recommend to approach scripture mastery in THIS ARTICLE.

You can find the flash cards HERE.  They are also in the combo package HERE.

Old Testament Scripture Mastery flip book.  A printable book with 25 illustrated scriptures!  So great!


Also available is a printable FLIP BOOK.  These are just like the flash cards but are a little larger and the reference is on the illustration.  You can make a little book for each person and they can have their own little book of mini posters.

These can also be used for class devotionals and those you are teaching can take notes on the back of each card.

You can find this HERE.  It is also available in the combo package HERE.

Old Testament scripture mastery study sheets.  Great way to study each scripture mastery in depth!


We also have a fantastic set of study sheets.  There is a sheet for every single scripture mastery and they are each distinct and different from the others.  Each sheet will help you dive into that particular scripture mastery and the doctrines it is teaching.  Each sheet will have them looking at context, the doctrines (often using True to the Faith) and making personal goals.

There is also a quote sheet for each scripture mastery.  We suggest you print them on the back of each study sheet and then every day write one quote on the board that teaches a doctrine found in one of the scripture mastery verses.  Just write the quote and the scripture mastery it goes with and train your students to flip to that page and copy the quote.  They can end up having 150 quotes recorded!  They will love that!

You can find these study sheets HERE.  They are also in our combo package HERE.

Old Testament scripture mastery list.  This is a priceless tool with ALL scriptures on one sheet.  And there is a sheet with blanks and first letters for memorization!


These sheets are some of the best tools you can have.  They fit ALL 25 of the scripture mastery scriptures on one sheet.  These are great to have and you will likely print these all year long.  We suggest you keep a stack in your classroom!

There are three all-on-one sheets here for you.  The first one is the full scripture (with the reference, and illustration, and key phrase).  The second is the full scripture with most words removed and blanks in their place (this is fantastic for memorization).  And the third removes all words and gives you only the first letter of each word.

These are available in our combo kit HERE.

Old Testament scripture stickers.  These are printable - just print onto sticker paper and put in your margin!


We also have a set of scripture stickers!  These contain the key phrases and print small enough to fit in your scripture margins next to each scripture mastery verse.  Just print onto sticker paper, cut out, and place in your scriptures!

This can make a great rainy day activity!  Give a set to each student with some scissors and let them cut and stick!  Put on a talk on CD in the background and they will love it!

These are available in our combo kit HERE.

Old Testament scripture mastery quotes!  Made to put in your scriptures next to each scripture mastery verse!


And finally we have a set of quotes for your scriptures!  We call them “glue-ins” because you glue them in your scriptures!  Just cut them out and run a glue stick lightly on the edge and stick in the crease of your scriptures.  Not only will this give you a really great quote about the scripture mastery, but it will also help the scripture mastery verses stand out in your scriptures!

This is part of our combo kit HERE.


22 thoughts on “Old Testament Scripture Mastery List, Flash Cards, and More!

  1. I teach full-time seminary and the teachers and I printed off the posters this morning. The other teachers have been sitting around loving every single poster you have made and have commented on what amazing resources these will be. The study pages are also so well thought out, I really appreciate being able to use your creativity in my classroom while also saving me time.

    1. Same here! The other teachers and I are amazed by these. We have been wondering why we haven’t had things like this in the years past. They are brilliant!

  2. Last year I used your suggestions on how to teach scripture mastery (key phrases first quarter, etc.) along with your flash cards and activities and the students LOVED scripture mastery last year. I had struggled the year before and just kind of gave up on scripture mastery, but last year was a totally different experience. For the students too! These new cards are incredible. I just finished laminating a set and I am learning tons just by looking at your illustrations. Thank you so much!

    And I can’t wait to use the stickers and quotes too! They are brilliant!!!!!

  3. I get these for my kids to use and I just wanted to tell you how much they love this set! They are incredible! The art is amazing and the detail on each card is so impressive!

  4. Thank you so much for what you offer us. This package is packed with valuable things and is a priceless resource. I can tell that this is going to save me tons of time while improving the quality of my teaching. thank you!

  5. I printed all of the cards and have spent all morning studying the study pages. I am so excited about these scripture mastery scriptures now! The study pages I have done have really helped me connect to the scriptures and I know these will work for my students as well. Thank you for providing such an amazing resource!

  6. A have taught seminary for over 8 years now and I have never seen a scripture mastery resource as thorough as this. I love how the focus is on the doctrine and context of the scriptures. You have really helped them come alive. Thank you!

  7. Love the combo packet… Just wondering if you are going to do a set of quizzes like you had for d&c … I used them for “pop” quizzes that always came with some form of pop food ie: pop tarts, pop corn, pop cereal, ring pops, soda pop… It made it much easier for me to gauge how my students were doing with learning the sm verses.

  8. Beautiful work. Wow. So much detail in this set!
    Just wanted to let you know that the scripture reference for Moses 1:39 is on the flashcard picture side and isn’t supposed to be, right?
    Also, please tell me your thoughts about why you included the full text on the flashcards as well as the keywords. It just seems to be a LOT on those small cards when the idea is to learn the keywords quickly. And I miss the keyword posters option. I used them a lot last year. I know you think everything through so carefully I just wanted to understand.
    The study pages are an AMAZING addition. Thank you so much for those!

    1. Hi Ranae! Thank you for the feedback and we are looking at the flashcard right now. Check your downloads for an updated version. 🙂

      There are 2 reason we included the scripture with the flashcard.

      1- It is less work and less expensive for teachers to make one classroom set rather than a key word set and a full scripture set.
      2- (This is the main reason). Students are more likely to connect the key phrase to the scripture and understand its meaning. Many students would memorize the key phrase without really knowing what it means – hopefully with the scripture directly on the card the student is more likely read it and then truly understand the meaning of the key phrase. We tried to keep the scripture small and the key phrase dominant so you can still do all of the key phrase activities.

      I hope this helps. We are fixing the Moses 1:39 reference now.

      Thanks Ranae!

  9. My family and I have been with the church for a little over a year and a half. We are learning so much. But I think we could learn more using this system.

  10. I got the combo package and LOVE it. You have such a gift. I learned so much just by sitting down and looking at your cards. I seriously felt a connection to every scripture mastery after I was finished. Your illustrations really do teach!

  11. I am a full time teacher and used your products last year. I have never had so much success with my students understanding, loving, and mastering these scriptures. I was waiting for this new set and am blown away by everything you are offering here. First, the doctrinal and contextual teachings are brilliant. Second, the illustrations are up to date and relevant. Third, the other resources like the stickers, quotes, and study pages are not only going to be amazing helps but are going to save me time while still providing something excellent for my students.

    Thank you!

  12. Among the many reasons I love your scripture mastery resources… with all of the visual stimulation that our youth constantly have – it is amazing to give them equally professionally made items and graphics that teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you so much!

  13. I printed off the posters and my kids (9. 12, 14, and 18) have been LOVING them. They are noticing every amazing detail in your pictures and it has brought up so many great conversations. We decided to focus on one for each FHE until we are through with them. What a fun way to learn the gospel!!!

  14. this will be my first year teaching seminary and I am excited to use these resources. I do have a question…what type of sticker paper works best for the scripture mastery stickers? I looked on Amazon, but was a little overwhelmed with the choices.

    1. Hi Jamilee!

      I just pick up whatever is around. I even use full page label sheets found in the office supply section. I would just try to find the best value! Hoep this helps. 🙂


  15. I purchased the combo set for Old Testament Scripture Mastery and I love the graphics and how thoughtful and well laid out they are. I am excited to use them in my class this year.
    I really like Scripture Mastery Glue-In’s but I wish I had the option of changing the quote on the glue in page. When the youth are teaching these passages as part of their devotionals or in some of the lesson materials, it would be nice to have the option of using a quote that they have discussed and have it be included on the glue-in instead of the one already selected. Maybe have a graphics page of the pictures and scripture reference and then blank text boxes to input a quote that they have selected for that passage. – Just a thought.
    Thank you for making these and providing such beautiful and helpful materials.

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