Becoming Like My Scripture Hero Journal… Now Available!


I am really excited about this journal!

This journal was originally designed to be for a Young Women in Excellence type event,

but I have changed it quite a bit and now I feel like it can be of use for any woman (young or old).

The idea of this journal is that you pick a scripture hero from anywhere in your Bible or Book of Mormon.

You study their life and then you imagine that hero in all sorts of situations.

The idea is that these great people in the scriptures won’t just be characters to you,

but rather they will become real people with real lives with friends and challenges and ups and downs…. just like us.


There are 21 topics that you will study in this journal…

Each time considering how your hero would have valued and lived each standard in their life and how it contributed to their greatness.

And then you will apply them to yourselves.

Because that is the idea… this isn’t a “Scripture Hero Journal” this is a “Becoming Like My Scripture Hero Journal”.


Every standard from the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet is a part of this journal, along with a few other principles like “scripture study” and “prayer”.

One reason why I feel this would be really beneficial for mothers and grandmothers is because not only do these standards apply to us as well, but I feel that we need to be very keen and aware of these standards and what the youth are being counseled to do.  The more we know the pamphlet and the specific counsel given, the better we can counsel and lead our children.  We need to stay on top of every updated pamphlet.

So all you need for this book is 1- your scriptures and 2- the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet (physical or online).

Every page in this book is different and specified to the standard discussed.

And it is all designed to be fun and meaningful.

And very applicable.

I also made it so if you want to personalize it… you can have fun coloring the words in and making it super cute.


After each standard is a page for quotes and personal thoughts you had while studying.

I will be providing a page of great quotes to choose from as a resource to you… some of my favorite quotes of all time.

So basically when you have finished this book, you should have a great understanding of the standards and great insights and quotes to go along with it.

This would be a GREAT thing to do for Young Women in Excellence!

Each one can choose a hero and have the goal to have the book finished before the Evening in Excellence.

And the girls can be the speakers as they review their favorite things that they learned.  In fact the last three pages of the book are a review of what they learned and it is a great template for a talk.

This would also be a great 10 hour project – it would just need to be pre-approved by their leaders.

If you are a  Young Women leader and would like to use this for your whole group, please email us at [email protected] with your ward information and the number of copies you are needing and we will send you a great discount code for bulk orders.

This book is found in our bookstore HERE.  This is not available as a pdf download currently but we have plans to create that in the future.



21 thoughts on “Becoming Like My Scripture Hero Journal… Now Available!

  1. How do I get one of these hero journals? I was visiting teaching this morning and my friend showed me one and it is the neatest thing!! I am so excited about this idea. I’m a Sunday School teacher for the youth, and could use this idea to help them learn. So how do I get one of these?

    Thanks so much!!!!


  2. Shannon, you genius, you! Love, love, love your site. It has reignited my love of scripture study! (No joke!)

    I’d love to get one of these hero journals for my friend’s son, but it’s only in girl format (understandably – great connection between the YW theme). Is it found in boy format? Did I overlook it? Is it in the works? (Because you obviously don’t have enough going on in your life…) 😉

    Thank you for sharing your work with us!

    1. Hi Steph!
      Yes! The boys IS in the works. I have the cover already for it – I just need to go through and reformat the girl version to fit the boys and their Priesthood duties.
      Stay tuned!

    1. Hi Janene!
      Are you talking about the Becoming Like My Scripture Hero book? It is available in my store – you can access it at the top right of my site. If that is not what you are looking for let me know and I can see if I can help you.

  3. I was looking at ALL the books, templates and many other things that you have and let me tell you I could spend the little that I have ordering ALL but I have to control myself. I do wanted to ask you if you have all the books on a PDF format especially the Becoming Like My Scripture Hero book.
    I will have more girls than boys in my seminary class next year and was hoping we could use this for the course of the BOM for all my 13 students since they all have a particular hero. Do let me know as I am getting ready with materials and so forth for the coming year.


  4. HI! I wanted to get your hero journals for our Young Women at Camp – I would need them by June 14th. Is that possible? We would need 11 of them. I sent you an email, but I have a meeting tonight and was hoping to know before hand. Thank You!

  5. Hi Shannon,
    I want to introduce this theme at New Beginnings (in a month) and have them work on becoming more like Christ as they come to know their scripture hero, then have them present at YWinE at the end of the year. Was your original journal geared around the personal progress book? And what is your bulk rate for 40 copies? (we have a large Young Women’s group)
    Thank you for your insight, testimony and talents. I am inspired every time I visit your site.

    1. Hi Shirlyn!

      Great questions! The Scripture Hero journal is designed to go with the For the Strength of Youth standards. Many YW groups have used the book as a 10 hour project for the YW.

      The Doodle journal is focused on the personal progress book and has pages for each experience, project and even their study of the Book of Mormon.

      You can email my husband for the codes for whichever one is best for you. I believe the Hero book is around 6.50 and the Doodle journal is a few dollars more (it will go with the girls throughout all 6 years.) He takes care of all of that for me so that I can focus on the products and articles. His email is [email protected]

      Thanks Shirlyn! 🙂


  6. Good morning, Shannon!

    Just found your “Hero” journal & am thinking this might be a great thing for our Stake Girls’ Camp this year. Do you have reduced rates for bulk purchasing (would be over 100)?

    Thank-you for sharing your wonderful creativity and hard work with us!


    Julie Campbell

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