Journal, Personal Progress and Pamphlet Carrier


I received an email from Mari, a young woman leader  from Sydney, Australia, and she sent me this awesome picture of this carrier they made for their young women!

Aren’t these awesome!?!

I love these for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they help the girls keep their Personal Progress book, their For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, and their mutual journals, organized and in good condition, AND the girls are more likely to bring them every Sunday!!  Brilliant!

If you want to make something similar, you may have to do some exploring to figure out exactly how to do this, but this is what Mari said in her email:

Just wanted to show you what we gave our YW for Christmas today. We made these folders from a pattern we found on Pinterest, adapting the pattern to fit the YW journals. They’ll be able to keep their PP book, journal and copy of For the strength of youth as well.

So, if any of you attempt this, or know how to attempt this, please leave some tips in the comment section below.

Thank You!

16 thoughts on “Journal, Personal Progress and Pamphlet Carrier

  1. We made these for our Laurels for Christmas this year. They fit their journals and personal progress booklets with an additional pocket for whatever they might choose. When measuring them I also made sure that the RS manual would fit in the center pocket so they can use them down the road as well. In the past I have made them out of placemats…but this year I had trouble finding place mats that I liked. Using the placemats makes them a piece of cake but even without they weren’t too bad. Send people my way if need more detail directions and I can help them out…thanks for all you do for so many!

  2. We made these for winter camp last year and the girls loved them…but we used placemats! Saved us a little more time on cutting and sewing, especially since we have such a large group of girls.

  3. We made these with our Beehive class last year and now as the new girls come into young women’s we give it to them with their personal progress book. The girls love it and they keep better track of all their books.

  4. I love this concept, but I don’t have time (or skills) to sew something like this.

    We found a really cute, cheap way of helping our girls keep track of their Personal Progress, For Strength of Youth and other church materials. We purchased a Jelly Binder Pouch for all the YW and leaders. The pouches are colorful and the girls LOVE them. When we work on Personal Progress we remind them to grab their pouches and bring them to Young Women. We also provide a complete kit to all new Beehives that are entering YW. It’s nice to have something durable, colorful and easy to grab on Sundays or as you are headed out the door to YW.

    Here is a link to what we purchased: pencil pouch

  5. I made these up for all my YW, I really needed them coming prepared to learn and having all their materials in one handy place just made it easier. I however tweaked the holder so that it also would hold a small Book of Mormon. With so many of my girls leaving their scriptures at seminary (so I was told) I though a inexpensive Book of Mormon would fit in nicely with all the rest of the YW TOOLS.

    I now call this the YW TOOL KIT.

  6. I was asked by our YW leader to help make these for the beehives a few years ago when they saw the one I had made for my own daughter. We embroidered their names on the inside pocket so they could keep track of their own folder. I am now helping another daughter to make them for all her beehive class as one of her YW projects.

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