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Amazing ideas to teach about the family!!

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1- Family Proclamation Puzzle


Here is a great activity to help your class or family to really get thinking about the Proclamation. This is good because it really gets them thinking about what the phrases mean – plus it is fun!

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2- Fill in the Blanks Family Proclamation Printable


Here is another way to help your family or class to think through the Proclamation. Listen to the words that they use as they fill in the blanks – they will reveal how they feel and where you may need to focus some future lessons.

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3- August 2013 Come Follow Me Curriculum

The August 2013 Come Follow Me Curriculum focuses on Marriage and Family and is EXCELLENT. You can use these for personal and adapt them for your family study!
Click here for the Young Men, Young Women, and Sunday School Curriculum.

4- Read these talks:

These talks were groundbreaking for me.

Julie B. Beck

Bruce Satterfield: The Family Under Siege


5- Family Proclamation Definitions

Go through the Proclamation and look up meaningful words. Write the definitions on index cards, but leave off the actual word you looked up. Lay out the cards and have your family or students match the definitions to the words. Discuss how those definitions give you more insight to the phrase in the Proclamation.

5- Study and Teaching Packets

These are study and teaching pamphlets and packets to help you study and teach the lesson outline in the Come Follow Me Curriculum.

why is family important pamphlet display image-800x800-1

This is the pamphlet that goes with the lesson titled “Why is Family Important?”

"Why is Family Important" August Youth Curriculum Teaching Packet! Use in Family Home Evening too!

And this is the teacher packet that includes display printouts, the pamphlet, and handouts.

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