3 Ideas to Teach the First Vision- The Red Headed Hostess

Three ideas to teach about Joseph Smith and The First Vision! Ideas for all ages!


Here are three ideas that you can look through to help you teach the importance of Joseph Smith and the First Vision.

These are all tried-and-true teaching techniques that I used while teaching seminary, and these all come from previous posts/articles. I have just put them in one place for you to look through. 🙂


1- Make a scripture puzzle using Joseph Smith History

 scripture mastery memorization ideas, how to memorize scriptures


This is a really impactful way to teach a block of scriptures.  As you try and put it in the proper order, you have to reason through it and think through each line.

Go to this post for more information and pictures.


2- Joseph Smith Trivia

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There are 51 questions in this activity along with a suggestion of a way you can turn this into a game.

Just hop over to this post to get the PDF.


3- “I saw two personages” The First Vision



Teach about the doctrine of the Godhead that was restored during the First Vision.

See our very popular teaching package HERE about why the First Vision is so Important

Why is the First Vision Important?


5 thoughts on “3 Ideas to Teach the First Vision- The Red Headed Hostess

  1. My daughter’s YW leaders assigned her to teach the lesson on the importance of the First Vision. She was so excited to find your ideas and can hardly wait to use your Joseph Smith trivia game during her lesson tomorrow.

  2. The scripture puzzle (word strips) is so good that I’m embarrassed I had never thought of something like this. After 45 years of teaching seminary/institute, you would think I had seen it all. Not so. Thanks for helping me with some new tricks.

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