How Can I Know My Heavenly Father?- The Red Headed Hostess

How Can I Know My Heavenly Father, study and teaching ideas and free printables and amazing quotes!!!

I just finished studying this lesson in my Adult Study Guide, and what a great topic this is!

This lesson is all about coming to know Heavenly Father better, and I imagine we could all improve in this area and would benefit a lot by doing so! 🙂

How can I know my Heavenly Father study and teaching ideas

To help you with your own study, I have a couple of things for you.

1.  Here are some of my favorite quotes about Heavenly Father.  In fact, this would be an interesting way to start a class or FHE on this topic- just pass out the quotes to each person and tell them that they are about to read some truly amazing quotes.  Invite them to read and underline their favorite phrases and then share when they are finished.  I have no doubt that some of their favorite phrases will be a natural transition into the topic of the lesson.  Once you read them you will see what I mean.

Here are the quotes:  Heavenly Father quotes

How can I know my Heavenly Father quotes, study and teaching ideas

2.  Here are the suggested talks for this lesson in pamphlet form.  One of the things that impacted me the most was in Elder Scott’s talk when he taught about how President Hinckley prayed – I learned a lot from that!

To see how to add a talk to your study journal, check out this post.  And remember that when you open the PDF it will look weird because the front page will be in the bottom right corner.  Just print the pages back-to-back then fold it over and everything will be just right.

Oh, and the paragraphs are numbered so if you are using these in class you can reference paragraphs easily.  You can also easily divide up the paragraphs for the youth to read, if you choose to do so.

Here are the talks:
Using the Supernal Gift of Prayer by Elder Richard G. Scott

Seeking to Know God, Our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ by Elder Robert D. Hales

The Grandeur of God by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
And here is our teaching package for this lesson:

600 x 600 10 boards

You can read more about this package HERE.

12 thoughts on “How Can I Know My Heavenly Father?- The Red Headed Hostess

  1. The link for the talks in pamphlet form takes me to Is there another way to get the talks already formatted as a pamphlet? Thanks for your amazing helps! You really are such a wonderful teacher.

    1. Hi Jill!

      I think you are clicking on “suggested talks” which should take you to the Come Follow Me page with the actual lesson on it. Just under “suggested talks” there are links to each pamphlet. Easy mistake to make 🙂

      Have a great day!


  2. When I print the articles double sided, the back side is upside down to the front side. Any suggestions? I’ve tried changing the orientation but they are still upside down. Thanks for all you do and the things you post! They are so inspiring!

    1. Hi Linda!

      That is a really easy thing to happen! You need to print one page at a time. So print the top page first (which is the interior of the pamphlet) and then take it out and put it back in your printer. You just need to figure out how to put it back into your printer so it prints on the other side. With my printer I take it out of the tray exactly as it printed out and put it in the paper tray without moving or turning it in any way. Then you print the second page and everything should be just right!

      I hope this helps Linda!

      Shannon 🙂

  3. I love the talks in pamphlet form! Thank you so much for taking the time to make them. They are the perfect size and are easy to mark up as well as bring in my scriptures when I want to take them to church!

    I bought the January Come Follow Me Study Guide to see if I liked the format before I bought the whole book. I’ll be purchasing the entire study guide as soon as I’m done with January! I love it! You’ve done a wonderful job with it and it is so helpful!

  4. Linda, look in your printer dialog box. Check the box that says “short edge binding”. You might have the “Long edge binding” box checked. Sometimes that is under the “layout” dialog box, sometimes it’s in a different settings area.

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