#LIGHTtheWORLD printable kit by Designed by Maria (Free)

For the 2016 Christmas season mormon.org has announced its annual Christmas campaign.  This year it is called #LIGHTtheWORLD.  This campaign is a campaign of Christlike Service.

Starting on December 1st, is a worldwide day of service.  Then for the remaining 24 days leading up to Christmas is a daily challenge to serve.  Each day should be filled with service activities that emulate the Christlike service being performed by Jesus Christ in the #LIGHTtheWORLD video on mormon.org or theredheadedhostess.com.

As we all spread the word of this service campaign imagine how amazing this can be and how we could all individually #LIGHTtheWORLD.

I’m a wife, mom of 4 silly kiddos (10 months to 9 years), and graphic designer. I’ve been designing products, like scrapbook supplies and paper-crafting kits for a craft company since 2006. It’s a super fun job! A few years ago I decided to open an Etsy shop selling my printables too. I really love the creative freedom this has given me. So, I recently opened another shop. I make jewelry with pretty backer cards to go with them. I also have a blog, where I like to share ideas and printables.



I created a gingerbread service kit to help others serve this Christmas. It includes a brief discussion paper that families can go through and talk about how Jesus served his loved ones. As family members share ways they can serve, they can choose a gingerbread person from the kit to string on a garland. Then, they can make and decorate gingerbread cookies together. The recipe is included! Serve by sharing the cookies in a cute little cookie box with a tag.




The kit was such a blast to make! I love to do projects like this. Something I learned is that I am way better at creating gingerbread people on the computer than with frosting! I was trying to make a big smiley face and it looked like a clown. So, I tried to turn it into Santa’s beard. Big fail! My son showed me how it’s done. I loved watching my kids make special cookies for their friends and cousins. They are so thoughtful!

I designed this kit especially for families. So, it translates perfectly into a family night. However, you could easily adapt it for a youth group, primary activity, or party by making the cookies ahead of time. Provide the cookies, frosting, and little candies to decorate. The best part for most people is decorating a cookie for someone else. You could put the names of several individuals in your neighborhood into a jar and let each person pick one to make a cookie for.

Being part of this campaign has been a great reminder to me that keeping Christmas centered on Christ doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. I took a tradition that my family already has and made it more meaningful. I hope that’s what other families can do too. Sometimes we may think we need to provide the perfect Christmas for a needy family to serve at Christmastime. That’s not true! That would be amazing. But, it’s about the simple acts of love and kindness that we can each do to be a light in our own little sphere.



  1. I am still unable to find a way to download your adorable kit. There is still no link on the Red Headed Hostess site.
    I would love to use your kit. It is perfect!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Click on “See Maria’s Article About this Kit Here” (in red text about the center of the page). It will take you to where you can download it directly from my blog. Thanks for your patience. Merry Christmas!

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