#LIGHTtheWORLD printable kit by My Computer is my Canvas (Free)

For Christmas of 2016 mormon.org has announced a worldwide Christmas campaign called #LIGHTtheWORLD.  During this campaign we are invited/challenged to serve others the way the Jesus Christ served others and by doing so each of us will #LIGHTtheWORLD with our individual and family acts of service.

The #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign kicks off on  December 1st, which is being announced as a worldwide day of service, and then for the 24  days following leading up to Christmas Day, Mormon.org has announced 24 more Christ-like ways to serve (each way is assigned a day), and we are given ideas of various things we can do each day to be like Christ in the ways he served.  Imagine how amazing this will be this Christmas season as we seek to be like Christ each day in December!

My name is Colette, I’m the gal behind My Computer is My Canvas! I started my blog and Etsy Shop 6 years ago as a creative outlet and fun way to connect with others. Since then (and in between my husband fighting cancer twice and having a stem cell transplant), it gratefully and miraculously blossomed into a full time business that now supports my family! I absolutely love what I do and feel very fortunate to do it all from home. My favorite things to design are Planners, Candy Wrappers, LDS Printables and Subway Art!


For my #LIGHTtheWORLD project, I didn’t want to focus on any one singular activity, but rather, a way to get the whole family involved and looking for ways to participate daily.  I included “Service Prompt Cards” to give lots of ideas on how families and individuals can make a difference each day through acts of service as well as simple acts of kindness. Each act is then recorded on a “Service & Kindness Strip” and saved in the family jar. On Christmas Eve, the jar can be placed under the tree, representing the family’s gift to the Savior!


I typically have a “scrapbook” style of design and imagined my papers and elements would be adorned with cute strings of Christmas Lights. However, once I got started and found I could use white lights that nearly glowed right off the paper and I was thrilled to change up my original design plan. Each act of service or kindness truly adds light to our world and I was excited to be able to depict that light in the papers I used as part of my kit.


I love how this kit is versatile and can be used by an individual, a family or even a group!  As a youth group, you could create a collective jar and add new Service/Kindness Strips each time you meet.  Or, to promote the initiative, you could provide each member of your group with their own jar and strips; encouraging them to do it on their own at home. Putting together a small gift basket with a jar, strips, service cards and framed scripture might also be a fun gift to give a friend, neighbor or family you visit.

Having the chance to creatively promote service and to invite others to share their light, in an otherwise dark world, is both a privilege and a blessing I am grateful for. I am excited anytime I have an opportunity to share goodness and am thrilled my kit was chosen to be among the ideas of so many other amazing ladies and bloggers!




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