#LIGHTtheWORLD printable kit by Hang a Ribbon on the Moon (FREE)

Christmas is fast approaching and this year mormon.org has announced their annual Christmas campaign.  This year it is #LIGHTtheWORLD.   The purpose of this campaign is to SERVE others as Jesus Christ would through different acts of service each day.

The campaign starts on December 1st with that day being a worldwide day of service.  Then for the remaining 24 days leading up to Christmas you are encouraged and challenged to serve others by emulating the acts of service you see in the #LIGHTtheWORLD video performed by Christ.  Imagine how powerful this campaign could be if EVERYONE participated in it this Christmas season!

I’m a wife, mom to four amazing kids, ages 23, 20, 13, and 10, (two with special needs), blogger, free­lance graphic designer, editor, and writer. I love reading, discovering family history, playing in Photoshop and Illustrator, scrapbooking, traveling, sampling good chocolate, and taking care of my family. On my blog, Hang a Ribbon on the Moon, I share LDS printables, projects and ideas, mostly for the Young Women’s organization. I also sell digital files in my Etsy Shop.



My 28-page kit helps individuals, families, classes, quorums, and groups plan and implement anonymous service. My inspiration was Sister Linda K. Bur­ton’s talk, “First Observe, Then Serve.”

  • Activity Plan/Poster: Teach a lesson on service.
  • Service Charades Game: Generate ideas in a fun way.
  • Planning Sheet: Organize service plans.
  • Maze Page/Coloring Page: Help children plan service.
  • Editable PDF Calendar: Customize the Church’s service calendar for your needs.
  • 8×10 Ornament Posters: Give or display in your home.
  • Pass Along Ornaments: Share the #LIGHTtheWORLD message (printed on the back) with service recipients.


As I considered what to create, a memory of a long-ago Christmas came to mind. My mom, a single mother of six with few resources, helped us kids handcraft a much-needed gift for a needy family we didn’t know. I was chosen to leave the large package on their doorstep and run. When I thought about how this family would be blessed by our gift, I felt so wonderful inside! My mom always looks for ways to serve anonymously, a value she learned from her parents, my beloved grandparents. Today, our family continues this tradition of quiet service.



Use the Activity Plan, Planning Sheet, Maze Page/Coloring Page, Calendar and Service Charades game to inspire your family/class to serve anonymously. Use the Pass Along Ornament Cards as you serve:

  • Ask the cashier in a drive-thru lane to pass along an ornament when you pay for the next customer’s food.
  • Tie one to a gift basket you deliver anonymously.
  • Place one on a sibling’s pillow after secretly making their bed.
  • Leave one behind after unloading the dishwasher for a busy parent.
  • Put pass-along ornaments and treats on car windshields in a parking lot.

It’s an honor to work on something so close to my heart. This campaign focuses on Christ and encourages us to minister as He did. What better way to celebrate His birth? I hope my kit provides an uplifting framework for individuals, families, classes, quorums, and groups to #LIGHTtheWORLD.





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