2017 LDS Primary Presidency Planner

$ 10.00

This 2017 LDS Primary Theme Presidency Planner is a DELUXE package that offers everything you will need to stay organized this upcoming year!

Over 80 valuable pages will help assist you in your responsibilities and calling! Simply download the PDF files, open them in Adobe Reader, add text to the planner pages, print on Letter size paper, and insert into a binder.

This is a DIGITAL INSTANT DOWNLOAD. A Printable PDF file will be available to download upon purchase.

See below for details on what is included in this kit.


This 2017 Primary Presidency Planner offers everything you will need to keep organized this year.  This pack includes the following:

Presidency Binder Covers, Spines, and Tabs

  • Binder Covers and Spines: These beautifully modern designs are perfect for your binder covers this year! Add your binder covers and spines to a 3 ring binder.
  • Divider Tabs: Get extra organized by printing off our convenient divider tabs and adding them to your primary binder! To assemble your tabs, simply press print, cut, fold, and glue together! (TIP: You can print the tabs on sticker paper for easier assembly.)

Editable Calendars

  • Calendar At-A-Glance: Use our convenient “Calendar At-A-Glance” for a quick overview of the year, monthly themes, and scriptures.
  • Editable 12 Month Calendar: Using these calendars will help you to stay organized in Primary during 2017! Either write in your information or type in information using Adobe Reader. There is space on each calendar for events as well as additional notes at the bottom! Each calendar also includes the monthly theme, scripture and song for the month.

Editable Lesson Schedule

  • Lesson Schedule: Create a quick lesson guide using our editable lesson schedule to keep everyone on track this year.

Editable Organization Planning Sheets

Not only have we included an editable 12 month calendar, but also organizational planning sheets for each month! Either write in your information or type in information using Adobe Reader. These sheets will allow you to organize opening exercises, sharing time, presidency meetings, monthly goals, monthly visits, etc.

  • Sunday Duties: Keep track of who is conducting, teaching sharing time, etc.
  • Monthly / Weekly Sharing Time Themes: Included on each sheet is a the monthly primary theme and a list of the sharing time weekly lesson schedule.
  • Monthly Birthdays, Baptisms, and Turning 12: Keep track of big events each month with this useful section.
  • Opening Exercises Assignments: Plan an entire month with this helpful sheet! Keep track of opening exercises assignments for Junior and Senior Primary.
  • To-Do List: Keep organized with this editable monthly to-do checklist!
  • Monthly Visits: Focus on your missionary efforts by utilizing this section. Keep track of children you visit as a Primary presidency each month.
  • Goals: Track your goals each month using this section!

Editable Teacher and Class Organization Sheets

These sheets were designed to help you assist your primary in the best was possible!

  • Editable Callings Roster: Keep track of all individuals called to serve in primary (including primary workers, achievement days, scouting, etc.)
  • Editable Class Lists
  • Primary Teacher Questionnaire: We have also included an informative “Teacher Questionnaire”. Use this questionnaire to gauge how to strengthen your primary teachers.
  • Editable Substitute List

Editable Birthday Tracker

Keep track of birthdays with this convenient editable birthday sheet.

Editable Budget Tracker

Stay on budget this year with this helpful planner and tracker! We have even split it up so you can track each organization separately.

Editable Conducting and Meeting Sheets

These pages were designed in black and white so you can easily print off enough for each week! Stay on top of things with these awesome conducting sheets for Sunday and meeting sheets for your primary presidency meetings.

  • Editable Conducting Sheet
  • Editable Primary Presidency Meeting Sheet

Faith in God Trackers

Keep track of your primary’s progress with these easy to use Faith in God Trackers. Simply fill in the name of the child on the sheet and keep them in your binder. As a child passes off an activity or Article of Faith, you can mark it down on your tracking sheet. This way you will be able to easily see if someone is falling behind, and you can reach out to those in need of some assistance.

Editable Presidency Cards and Missing You Notes

  • Editable Presidency Contact Cards: These sheets are a great way to help with communication! Simply print off these contact cards and pass them out to your primary.
  • Missing You Notes: We have also included “Missed You” notes that you can drop off to primary children or teachers who were absent at church.

Teacher Appreciation Printables

Show your primary teachers some love with these simple handouts. You can quickly put together these little treats for a nice “Thank You” gift for your teachers!

CD Label and Cover

If you are looking to send home your primary children with the music for Primary 2017, we have included a little CD cover and printable label that you can use to quickly package them up.

Editable 2017 Primary Program Printables

  • Editable “Save the Date” Cards
  • Editable Program Covers
  • Editable Primary Program Invite


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