2017 LDS Primary Theme Family Pack

$ 14.50

This kit was designed with families in mind! The items included in this pack will help you as a parent teach your child the importance of the 2017 LDS Primary theme,  “Choose the Right”. Everything included correlates to the gospel principles your child will be learning in Primary throughout the year. As you engage in the activities included, use the teaching helps, etc. you will strengthen your family and children’s testimonies.

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This 2017 Primary Theme Family Pack includes everything you need to get your children excited about the new Primary theme, “Choose the Right”. Use our teaching ideas, activities, and more to help strengthen your family this year!  This Family Pack includes the following:

Family Home Evening: Choose the Right Scavenger Hunt

This CTR Scavenger Hunt is guaranteed to get your children excited about choosing the right! Filled with fun learning activities, your family will have a blast searching for clues, playing games, answering questions, and setting goals together.

  • Lesson Outline Suggestion: Our lesson outline makes planning a meaningful lesson simple!
  • Preparation Instructions: These easy-to-use instructions will help you to plan and prepare a family home evening your family is sure to love!
  • Printable Clues: We have included 5 printable clues for your family to find!
  • Printable Scavenger Hunt Bag Covers
  • Refreshment Recipe: “Choose the Right Chex Mix”
  • Printable CTR Challenges and Activities: Before finding the next clue, your family will be required to complete a CTR challenge. There are 5 fun activities in prepared for this scavenger hunt including: “CTR Scripture Picture”, “CTR What Would You Do?”, “CTR Bingo”, “Choose the Right Roll the Dice”, and “Choose the Right Declarations.”

File Folder Printable Cover

Keep this pack organized by creating a simple file folder. As you print off the various pages in this kit, stick them in this file folder so you can use them over and over again! We have created a DARLING file folder cover that coordinates with the rest of the kit for your convenience!

Primary Sharing Time Schedule

Keep in touch with what your child is learning in primary with this helpful Primary Schedule! Quickly print off this calendar and post it on your fridge for a quick reference! You can use this sheet as a guide for conversations with your children, preparing family home evening lessons, etc.

CTR Memory Matching Game

Your kids are going to LOVE this Choose the Right Matching Game – and the best part about it is they can play over and over again! This CTR Memory Matching game was designed to help your children become familiar with the Sharing Time monthly themes and scriptures in primary this year! (Memory Cards are 9 on an 8.5×11 page and approximately 2.8 x 2.8 inches in size.)

CTR Mealtime Conversation Starters

Dinner time can be a wonderful time for busy families to connect with conversation, BUT sometimes those family bonding conversations need a little kick-start! To help achieve quality conversation, we have provided over 100 table topic discussions based on this year’s primary theme, “Choose the Right”.

CTR Activity Place Mats

These Choose the Right place Mats are a GREAT way to not only keep the kiddos occupied while you cook, but are also a great teaching tool – win win! We have provided two sizes for your convenience including a 8.5 x 11 PDF and 11 x 17 PDF.

CTR Lunch Box Notes

Surprise your little ones with these meaningful CTR Lunch box Notes! We have included 8 different on one 8.5 x 11 inches sheet. These designs that will help encourage your child to make good choices. Just drop a little note in their lunch for a surprise they are guaranteed to love!

CTR “Open When” Letters

These CTR “Open When” Letters are such a sweet sentiment and great way to show your kids some love and encouragement this year!We have included 5 different “Open When” Letter printables for 5 different occasions. Each “Open When” Letter includes an envelope cover and a small piece of stationery to write a heartfelt note to your child.

Primary 2017 Theme Posters

We have not only included a Primary 2017 theme poster for you to display in your child’s room/home but also an individual poster for each month! These monthly posters include the theme and scripture your child is focusing on in Primary! Please Note: We have included 2 sizes of posters in this kit. 1) 8.5 x 11 inches PDF and 2) 8 x 10 inches JPEG.


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