Young Women Leader Helps COMBO Kit (PDF Downloads)

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This combo kit is also included in our Ultimate Young Women Leader Kit at an even larger discount.

See below for details on what is included in this kit.

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Sunday Conducting Sheet (Exclusive to this combo kit)

Help your Opening Exercises run smoothly with the help of this Sunday conducting sheet.  This is editable so you can type in each week’s information and print – or you can simply keep a stack and write on it each Sunday.
*  Updated for the new 2019 Two-Hour block schedule.
Get to know your young women with this informative “All About You” sheet.  You will learn about their families, hobbies, favorite things, YW activities they hope to have, what callings they have held in YW, and tons more!
This is also great to have new Beehives give you, or girls who move into your ward.
* After the girls fill this out, you could make copies and give to bishopric members to help them get to know the young women.
Print out these cards onto white cardstock, cut, fold, and leave in your church closet so you can grab one whenever is needed.  They can be used to write a note from a single leader to a specific girl, or for all the young women to sign a card for someone.
There are 11 different cards.  Including:
1.  Happy Birthday
2.  You Were Missed
3.  Thank You
4.  A Note For You
5.  Welcome to Young Women
6.  What I Love about You
7.  Way to Go
8.  Thinking of You
9.  Welcome to Beehives
10.  Welcome to Mia Maids
11.  Welcome to Laurels
This Birthday Kit contains easy-to-print items to help you celebrate the birthdays of each young woman.  This kit is designed with the YW value colors and contains the following items for you to choose from:
1.  Happy Birthday Poster
Take a picture of each YW with this poster on her birthday.  Or, decorate her room or front porch on her birthday and leave this poster with some balloons, treats, and other items in this kit.
2.  Happy Birthday Card
Pass this around and have the young women write one thing they admire in the birthday girl.
3.  Candy Bar Sleeve
Wrap a chocolate bar with this cute print and give to the birthday girl during Opening Exercises.
4.  Treat Bag Topper
Use this treat bag topper with any 3-inch cellophane bag and fill with treats or other small gifts.
5.  Young Women Value Chocolate Nugget Wrappers
Make a darling birthday gift using 8 chocolate nuggets and wrapping each one with a Young Women Value.
6.  Birthday Badge
Keep a stack in your closet and pin a badge on the Birthday girl.
These editable monthly newsletters are perfect for any organization!  Due to feedback from our customers, we removed all headings for each section so that you can decide what to put for a header! Since this is an editable PDF, you can type all of your information onto the PDF and then print or email the newsletter.
There are 5 sections on this Newsletter.  Some section headings might be:
 – Birthdays
– Spiritual thought
– A spotlight on a young woman
– Activity information
– Personal Progress (group goals, or report YW who have completed a value)
– Good to know information
– Report on a successful event or activity
These editable Personal Progress / Honor Bee displays are perfect for a special event where you would like to display each young woman’s personal progress accomplishments.  This can be particularly useful for Young Women in Excellence which will give the parents a yearly update of where their daughter stands in Personal Progress.
There is a place for a 4×6 photo of each young woman.  These can be added digitally if you have the proper programs (instructions included in PDF file) or you can simply tape or glue a picture in the provided space.
Since the file is editable, you can mark each box on your computer, or you can have the girls mark them with markers or with stickers (jewel or gem stickers would be darling!).
This editable PDF is perfect to give to a new Beehive or to a young woman who has moved into your ward.  Help her feel welcome and have important information with this welcome page!  You can just type the information and print!
You could use this and other items in the Ultimate Young Women Leader Kit to make a wonderful welcome packet for new young women.  You could add:
1.  The Welcome to Young Women Page
2.  The Getting to Know You Sheet
3.  The Leader Directory
4.  The month’s newsletter or calendar page


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