The Family Under Siege- The Red Headed Hostess

I want to link you to a talk that I read, oh … probably 10 years ago.  What a blessing it was to me.  It gave me such clarity and absolutely influenced the way I dated then, and the way I value my marriage now.  It is written by a BYU-Idaho professor named Bruce Satterfield.  All of his writings are good.  But this one made impact with me.  I hope it does for you as well.

Read carefully.

Satterfield Family Under Siege

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  1. this was in deed an amazing talk. I again cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and valuable resources and ideas! You are amazing! thank you so much for helping me grow my knowledge and testimony!

  2. Thank you so much for providing the link for that talk. I had never read it before although I was familiar with quite a few quotes he used. My determination to be a more focused mother has increased. I want to share this article with so many people now. I think I will make a link to it from my blog as well.

    Also, thank you for all the other great posts you have on here. I thoroughly enjoy each one.

  3. My husband and I love Bruce Satterfield. We took every religion class we could from him, and he made a huge impact on our lives. Thanks for passing this along.

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