Fun Family Activity Recipe Cards

So I was thinking…

Women are always sharing recipes for food… why don’t we share family activities?

I mean… I was SO impressed with all of the ideas you posted about what you do with your families!  And I DO NOT want to forget them…

So I came up with these:

Fun Family Recipe Cards!

recipe cards

They print out 4 on one page, so just cut them up and then write down all of the things you would like to remember and then put them in their own little recipe box.

Wouldn’t this be a great wedding present?

This could also make a great Young Women’s activity!

To get started:

Look through all of the comments you left here and here.  I found SO many ideas I wanted to do myself!

Here is the printout: fun family recipes

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  1. My children are all grown up but they still love to get together for a St Patrick’s Day dinner.
    Green Jello Salad (not Irish, but green so its appropriate)
    Corned Beef
    Colcannon Potatoes
    Irish Soda Bread
    Boiled Raisin Cake

    You can find the recipes on line. They are all easy and inexpensive.
    This year I think I will use your St Patrick’s Day quiz to add to the fun.

  2. Thank you so much for this idea!! I am going to use them tomorrow in my lesson. What a perfect way to share our best ideas!! Thank you thank you

  3. Your blog is AMAZING!!! I am the beehive adviser in my ward and I LOVE your handouts. They really add to my lesson and the quotes really get the girls thinking. You are truly amazing. I looked around your blog and I love all the family ideas (I have two little ones at home). Not to mention you have great recipes! I love to bake. This is like the perfect site for me. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone. Our ward is a lesson ahead of you, so I don’t always get to use your handouts. But I love when we fall a week behind, so I can supplement my lesson with your beautiful and thoughtful work. Thank you!

  4. Fun Family recipe cards… do you get four to a page I am only getting two on a page and they are kind of large??

    Thanks for your helpÜ

  5. I love this idea also and will be using it tomorrow for my lesson. However I am also having trouble seeing 4 cards to a page. I get 2 to a page and they are quite large. Any ideas? Love your ideas!

  6. I’ve really had a hard time coming up with something for this lesson, but I found my solution here. Thank you!

    I think I’m going to assign each of my girls several areas (like different seasons, holidays, prices, locations, etc.) that they have to fill one of the cards out for. We’ll then run some twine across the room and hang them from the twine after they are read aloud.

    Thanks a million!

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