6 thoughts on “Harold B. Lee Quote- The Red Headed Hostess

  1. Love this! My sister-in-law just forwarded it to me in an e-mail. I was suppose to go visiting teaching, right when I’m ready to leave my companion calls and says you have the lesson right? So I said sure, I printed this out it went right along with the message, trimmed the edges, went out to my art shack and found some picture frames that my sister -in -law had given me that her neighbor had left out by the curb, really cute with gold edges, and put this quote inside. Took less than 5 minutes and turned out gorgeous!! They were impressed and I think will hang them in their home! Yay Hooray Red Headed Hostess Saves the day. I guess it should be important to point out I was to schedule the appointments and she was to teach the lesson! Oh well! I was glad to help, love your blog, I am now one of your newest subscribers! Thanks a million!! In the future I may post a picture of how they turned out!!

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