Taking Memorable Family Pictures- The Red Headed Hostess

I used to have a film camera.  Used to.  I remember when I got it – it was a Christmas present from my mom.  We went into a camera store and the clerk helped us narrow down the perfect camera for me – and among them were some digital cameras.  But the technology wasn’t up to par yet – so I opted for a lovely SLR (this just means you can change the lenses – its not a point and shoot)  film camera with a few lenses.  I hauled that thing all around this blessed globe.  And now, several repairs later – I have been fully converted to my digital SLR – and I will never go back.

I just love that I don’t have to budget in a couple hundred dollars to my travel expenses in order to see where I just was.

I love that I don’t have to pay for 35 photos I don’t want for that 1 photo that I do want.

And I love that I can take guilt free pictures.

I can click – click – click – all I want.

So you know what that means?  We are much more likely to give our posterity nice photos to remember us by.  Not a bunch of mishaps that were caught on film forever more.

Like this picture, for instance.  This would be a lovely photo to have in your home.
But it took several shots to get it
Guarantee there were boys off to the left.
And guarantee I was playing with my camera settings
And guarantee you will get some half closed eyes
I think this one is cute.  But its not quite there
Nor here
Nor there
Oh… I like this one.  Everyone’s personalities are showing.  And that is what a family photo should be.
Your family captured.
Here is another
Wouldn’t it be a shame if I had only taken one?
This one is cute.  But the other is better – and I am glad I had the option.
I positioned badly here
And here
But this is all her fault.
She probably saw a boy.
But this one is perfect.  Two sisters.  Lovely.
Just keep taking pictures
Try different camera positions
Know that you will delete some
Throw your subject off to the left or right
And just keep clicking
And the more you take
The better chance you have
At getting a shot you will love

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