Proclamation to the Family Craft- The Red Headed Hostess

Here is a fun little craft you can do with the words found in the Proclamation to the Family

I made these little pendants that you can print out onto cardstock – but just use whatever you have on hand.

I used a really textured, light oatmeal color cardstock

Once they are printed, cut out all of the pendants

And hot glue twine to the back

Then find its home…

First it started out here… Do you know what that is a picture of?  The one in the brown frame?

Varanasi, India.  What an adventure that place is.

Then it landed here.

Wouldn’t this make a great Young Women’s activity?

Here is the Proclamation printout: Family Pendants

Also, check out our website here.


  1. Did I say thank you this week for all the great posts? If I didn’t then…THANK YOU! That “thank you” is being yelled at you with a big hug! I really appreciate this blog and your willingness to share your knowledge and talents with us! DON”T STOP!

    Have a great spring break! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  2. Thank you for this idea. I am teaching a YW lesson on eternal Families. I have a couple of investigators attending and I think the girls will love this.

  3. Really have been inspired by your website. You have so many wonderful ideas. Please tell me what pens you use for scripture marking. I have a really hard time finding pens or felt pens that mark well but that do not bleed through to the back of the page.

  4. Shannon! I love your stuff! You are so inspiring! Thank you for all your efforts and hard work that I benefit from! I love your picture in this post! It is one of my most favorite of his ever! The colors in it are unbelievable! Thanks again wonder woman!

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