Taking Memorable Family Pictures… Get up Close

Even with a little bit of cookie crumbs on his mouth, I love this picture.  It is all him, with that expression that so often owns his face
Here it is in color.  Look at his freckles.
I think when I have seen most pictures that have been taken of me – they are generally body shots with lots of background around.  “Get up closer”  I always want to say.  Get a frameable shot – something you would want forever.
I think we are generally afraid of someone’s lens so close to our face.  Lets get over that fear.  Look how cute this is!
If you want a bit of background – throw your subject off to the side a bit.  Like this.
Or like this.
Or like this.
Or just get up really close.  This is all about her.
 If you would have seen me taking this picture you would have seen me laying on the ground with my camera right up in her face.  But kids let you do that.  Its adults that are less cooperative – so that is when you need a SLR camera so you can put on a lens that deceptively gets up closer than it seems.
Don’t be afraid to get right in there.  Be creative.  Try new things.
family pictures
 You never know what moments you may capture.
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