“Who’s Telling the Truth?” Family Home Evening Game

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FHE Games! “Who’s Telling the Truth?”

This game is always a good time! Perfect idea for LDS family home evening games. And it brings out sides of people you may have never seen before. And the great thing is, the more you play this game the more clever and funny people get.

Here is what you do:

Give everyone an index card and have them write their name on the top

Then have them write something about themselves that nobody in the room knows about them

They can write something totally random

It can be something present or past

Or even something that no one would ever guess about you

For example:


Then you gather the cards up.

Then you explain the game like this:

I am going to call 3 people up 

1 of the 3 will be the person on the card

I will show all 3 people the card and give them 20 seconds to read it and think about it

 I will then read the statement on the card to everyone else

And then all 3 people will take turns explaining how that is their card – so they will come up with a story about what it says on the card

Each person then votes on who they think the right person is

Then the correct person will step forward

For example:  you may call Mom, Keri, and Mike up-  and you have Keri’s card that says “I used to have an invisible friend named Reba”.  They all then tell a quick story to the crowd trying to convince everyone that it is them.  So Keri would tell the true story, and Mike and Mom would make up some convincing story using the facts on the card but totally different than Keri.  …(it is crazy what people can come up with!)

Scoring:  Everyone gets 1 point for each correct guess

The winner gets the dog.

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  1. I was told about this website by my daughter who lives in MI, it is awesome. I was and am looking for ideas for our Christmas get together (family) and needed something that would fit all ages. Thanks so much for all the effort you go to, so us dummy’s have a resource. Will log on quite often. Also loved your chocolate gummy bear idea for neighbors.

  2. Every year the age group of our cousins (9-13 girls, 9-13 boys, 4-7 boys, all the teenagers) go to a family’s house to spend 2-3 nights together I am going tomorrow (we call it cousin camp) and thought this game would be great and really fun! Thanks

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