Fun Family or Group Game: Psychiatrist

This is such a fun and silly game!  What I love most about this is the personality it brings out in everyone.  I just laugh and laugh at people’s questions and answers.

The idea is that everyone in the room has the same psychological problem and someone else in the room is the phsychiatrist and they have to figure out and diagnose the illness.  So, someone is chosen as the psychiatrist and they leave the room while everyone else discusses what problem they all have.  Then the psychiatrist comes back in the room and starts asking people questions and everyone responds to the question in the manner of the illness they have.

Here is an example:

Illness:  Everyone thinks they are a super hero

Question:  Amber, what is your favorite color?

Amber:  Red outlined with gold

Question:  Mike, what did you do yesterday?

Mike:  Ran a marathon in 2 minutes and then beat up some bad guys and then stopped a comet from hitting the earth

Question:  Tanya, what did you have for lunch?

Tanya:  Sushi in Japan and then Gelato in Italy

Once the person thinks they have the illness figured out they can diagnose it – and once it is diagnosed correctly then they choose a new psychiatrist who leaves the room and a new illness is decided upon.

Here are some illnesses.  However – let the group come up with others – it is crazy how creative people can get

  • You all cross your legs when you tell a lie – and uncross them when you are telling the truth
  • Each answer begins with the next letter in the alphabet.  (So the first person gives an “A” answer, and the next gives one that starts with a “B”…)
  • Everyone thinks they are the person to their right
  • Whoever the psychologist is questioning, the people on both sides of them get itchy
  • Everyone thinks they are the shoes they are currently wearing
  • Everyone thinks they are in the Napolean Dynamite movie
  • You all time traveled here (this is fun because you all are trying to figure out what time period people came from)
  • Whenever someone says “um” everyone changes positions
  • You are obsessed with the letter “R” and you are all super undecisive (this is a double whammy)
  • You all think you are your current or future spouse (so you answer how you think [or hope] they would answer)
  • You all have to use a color in your answer somehow
  • You all think you are someone in the room (so you all think you are Amber and have to answer and act like her)
  • You have to touch your hair whenever you use a word with a “T” in it
  • You all think you are Chuck Norris
  • Everyone thinks they are a king or queen
  • Unless the psychiatrist is looking at you, you refuse to show your teeth (this is funny because its hard to laugh and not show your teeth and as soon as they look at you, you can show them)
  • You have to use a number in your answer

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