10 Fun Fourth of July Ideas- The Red Headed Hostess

There are some really great ideas in here I know my family would love!!!

Here are some ideas to help make your Fourth of July even MORE fun and memorable…

Some are my ideas and some are not….  regardless, there are links to all of them for complete instructions.


Fun With Fireworks Photography

We had SO much fun taking these pictures last year!  I am pretty sure we will have a repeat session in a few days.

Check out our experience here.


Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch!

Bubble Wrap hopscotch course

I can’t imagine the squeals of delight that would accompany such a spin on an old favorite!

I found this over at Better Homes and Gardens.


Fourth of July Trivia Game #1

After the food cleared the tables we pulled out the Declaration of Independence and tried to put it in order.

It was a pretty interesting activity.

Here is our experience.


Fourth of July Trivia Game #2

And HERE is another one we did



Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This is from the idea room.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have your kids decorate the front of your house?

Especially where you are going to light the fireworks?


Tarp Game

It is just a complete coincidence that I painted this red, white, and blue…

This tarp game is a big hit… especially with the sporty ones in your family.

Here are the instructions.


Paper Wind Streamers

How much fun would it be to have your kids make their own wind streamer?

All you need are some empty oatmeal containers… or just some hardy cardstock.

Here are the instructions.



Patriotic Smores on a Stick

What a FUN display!!  Here is where I found them.


Pillowcase Dress

I cannot stand how cute this is!  Here is where you can learn to make it yourself.


Drink Stirrers

Easy 4th of July Party Ideas - drink Stirrers

Aren’t these so fun?  For your lemonade or as a centerpiece?

One of those details that can add so much to the party.

This is from one of my new favorite website discoveries:  Hostess with The Mostess


And since I love ya… I have to suggest these:

My family’s chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Happy Fourth!!


  1. These are awesome. Thank you for sharing them. I will for sure do the tarp idea. That will keep all the boys and men in my family busy for a while. 🙂

  2. Hi Shannon,

    You have such fun things!! Your generosity and sharing is AWESOME and I definitely appreciate you!

    Correction on your 4th of July Quiz though—6. The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island. Bedloe’s island was changed to Liberty Island in 1956. Ellis Island is included in that National Park but is a separate island where many immigrants came when coming to America. So the answer is d not c. 🙂

  3. I love your page and the wonderful ideas and scripture study ideas!!

    I did notice that on the Fourth Of July Quiz that question 6 is is wrong. The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island not Ellis Island.

  4. Holy cow! You amaze me! 🙂

    I just graduated from seminary this May, and I wanted to continue to be able to study my scriptures personally with the kind of depth that we studied them in seminary. Your site has been a WONDERFUL resource! Your scripture journals are inspiring! After I saw them, and everything you do with them, I made my own! And I am currently trying to label all the pages of my Book of Mormon with the list of page titles (that I found on your website, of course!), which is really good for me because it helps me understand the context more clearly and simply. It also helps to find a quick scripture story or thought. I wish I could find page titles for the Bible and D&C too (well, I guess I could make them myself, but I could only hope they’d be very accurate)!

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate scripture study resource bloggers like you! I wish there were more, it would make the Internet quite a beautiful place. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your incredible insight and talent!

  5. These are great ideas, and just what I’m looking for. Want you to know these will bless a family a three girls (13,11,&8) who just lost their Dad un expectantly this March. We are assembling a fourth of July basket for them because they will be spending the week at a Lake Erie Christian family camp, where they will be spreading their father’s ashes. I know that they will leave with not only difficult but also good memories of their time with their family!

  6. I’m not able to open the trivia game #2. It says the page cannot be found. Is it still available? Looks like fun!

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