Christmas Stocking Garland- The Red Headed Hostess

Here is a little project I did for my windows to deck them out for Christmas.

Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas?  I start dreaming up projects months before it is healthy.  But I can’t help myself.

So here is my “operation stocking-garland” project:

I started by drawing out a stocking shape to use as a template

Then I traced and cut out the shapes onto some cheap fabric I had on hand

I numbered them so my pairs stayed together.  Although I used the same template, I wasn’t all that exact in my cutting.

Then I painted one side of the stocking pair.  You could make it easier and simply cut out the shapes from some printed fabrics – but I wanted a different, stiffer, look.  And I wanted creative freedom.  It is something I am constantly dealing with.

After the first paint job dries, I added more shapes, colors, designs and what not.

Then I ran it through the sewing machine

I used white thread so it would show.  I wanted that home-spun-Christmas-stitched look.

Then I stuffed the stocking with filler and then topped it off with some white felt

Look at all the different looks you can create with 3 colors of paint!

Some of these guys ended up on my tree, but most of them ended up on the window


 All I did was hot glue some twine onto the back side of the stocking

And then I draped them onto my windows

 My Grandma thought they were chili peppers.

Do they look like chili peppers?


  1. Hi,

    I belong to a Christmas Ornament group, which is ironic because I am not crafty. I think these would make adorable ornaments. Could you suggest a way to hang them on the tree?


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