Easter Coloring Pages- The Red Headed Hostess

Here are a few coloring pages that you can print off

They all center around Jesus and the Resurrection

You could have your kids write tag lines at the bottom

Or you could write them and have your kids try and put them in the correct order

There are 11 pages total.  Print them all, or just the ones you want to use.

Here is the coloring pages file:  resurrection

And remember, when printing off, it may print more accurately if you save the file to your documents and then print from your saved file.

Happy Easter!



  1. Shannon
    Thanks for these. The kids at our church in the UK produce a kids mag – called TAKE THIS – which we offer to others (in Christian service): currently goes to about 100 churches and schools here.
    Are you okay if we use the colouring picture of the two Mary’s running from the empty tomb in our Easter issue? It’s full of life! Other pictures of this scene can be v dreary! and this clearly isn’t…
    All the best,

    1. Hi Chris!
      How wonderful! Those images are from i-clipart which is a membership site with royalty free images. So, because I have a membership there, I am able to use these images. I do not know the extent of how far the permission can go from my own use on my site. Here is the website, it may be useful for you in more ways than these particular coloring pages.
      Good luck!

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