Gift Wrapping 2010

Every year I look forward to wrapping gifts – putting on a movie, gathering all of my supplies and making sure that each gift is different but still a part of the whole.  Its kind of an obsession.  And I always make certain that they become a part of the whole tree effect since I consider them as important as the ornaments.

So since my tree was bright this year – so must my wrapping be.

I love to mix patterns and textures.  Silk ribbon, paper ribbon, tulle netting, yarn….  Its all a part of the creative process.  And cheap.

This year I did all bird name tags.  You can just find a shape you like (trees, star, gingerbread men) cut several out, punch a hole – and you have something different, easy, and personal.

I wrote “Merry Christmas” around the outer edge to give it a little more interest.  And cheer.

This is my husband’s gift.  I numbered them instead of writing the normal “to” and “from”.  He will be required to open them in order.  And since he has five gifts, this is the grand finale.  And the part where I will officially win the “I spoiled you the most” award.

But apparently, he thinks he is going to win.

And truthfully, he almost won just from making me laugh as I listened to him in the back room as he was struggling to wrap my gifts.  That skill doesn’t come so easily to him, and he is pretty vocal with his frustrations.

His aren’t so artfully done, I know.  But I wouldn’t change a thing.

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