In Honor of Mother’s Day…The Red Headed Hostess

Here is an idea for Family Home Evening Tonight that will make MOM feel very special.

Because she (you) deserve it.

Here is how it goes:

1-  Sit Mom at the head of the table, or in the middle of a room.

2-  Give everyone a stack of papers and a marker

3-  Have Dad or one of your oldest kids run the activity

4-  Below is a list of questions about Mom.  Have Dad read the questions one at a time, and have everyone write down their answers, and have Mom write down the correct answer on her paper.  Then have everyone reveal their answers one at a time, and have Mom show her answers last.  Anyone who matches mom gets a point.


1-  What is mom’s favorite restaraunt?

2-  What is a movie that mom could watch over and over?

3-  What was mom’s favorite toy as a child?

4-  What is something that always grosses mom out?

5-  What is mom’s favorite physical item in this house?

6-  If mom were to write a book, what would it be about?

7-  What is a phrase that mom says a lot?

8-  What is mom’s favorite treat?

9-  When mom was a child, what did she want to grow up to be?

10- Where were mom and dad when they first met?

11-  Where did dad take mom on their first date?

12- How did dad propose to mom?

13- What are 3 qualities mom wants in our future spouses?

14-  What is something mom appreciates us doing?

15-  What is a food that mom is really good at making?

16-  What is something mom has taught us really well?

17-  What does mom like to do for fun?

18- Where was mom and dad’s very first home?

19-  What quality do you most admire in mom?

20- What is one word that describes mom?

*  I like this game, because it is not just about how well the kids know Mom – but it is so Mom can see what the kids gather, think and admire about her.


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  1. This will be so much fun! I can’t wait to see what my kids have to say and I am also curious how much I really know about my mom! Thanks. BTW – I hope your first day at the ice cream shop went well!

  2. I copied the questions and passing them out to my grand-kids so they can play this game with their mother’s. What a fun way to get to know their moms. We tend to think we know everything about our love ones. Not always true. It’s fun finding new things about what mom did when she was young.

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