Printable Christmas Trivia- The Red Headed Hostess

We are using this trivia today for our family Christmas gathering.  We printed both quizes below, one on each side of the paper.  One side is “Holiday Trivia” and the other is “Nativity Trivia”.  We wanted to compare and see which ones we knew BEST (there is a good lesson in that)!

Here you go!  Merry Christmas

Nativity crossword (blank)

Holiday Trivia

Here are the answers:

nativity crossword (answers)

Holiday Trivia answers


  1. Great trivia games! I think these would be fun to do for our next Family Home Evening. We will be using President Uchtdorf’s excerpt from The Friend (December 2011, p.3) about seeing the Christ in Christmas. Thank you very much!

  2. These were really fun, when I got stumped I took them to my family and they answered most of the one I couldn’t. We only cheated on a couple. Thanks for putting them up!!!

  3. I just sent an email and realized I could comment. Thank you so much for the printable trivia games. I needed something simple for a church Christmas party and have been searching for a week on google. I found yours and you made it so easy. Thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much for the printable trivia game. With a large family at Christmas Eve, it’s nice to have a fun game to play (nicely formatted also)!

  5. I was in a hurry to find some games for our Church Ladies Christmas Party and these you have offered us are excellent. Thank You so much for sharing with us and making it so easy to use and print. I think my ladies will enjoy these games very much. Again, thanks !

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