Valentine Heart Garland


Just think of all the places you could string this garland up – windows, doorways, bed posts…  So fun and Valentine-y!

Here is the step-by-step.

First you need these supplies:

  1-  Felt – I used red and white

2-  Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

3-  Needle felting Needle and sponge

4-  Wool Roving

5-  Yarn

6-  Scissors

7-  Glue gun


Trace the heart shapes and cut them out onto felt.  I layered the felt pieces and cut out 4 at a time

 cut … cut … cut…

Pick one heart and place it on the needle felting sponge

Pick the color of roving wool you want.  You only need a little bit.

 Put the wool on the area you want to put it and stick your needle exactly  where you want it

 And poke…poke…poke the needle in the places you want the wool to go.

You are pushing the fibers down and each push binds it more and more.

And more


Until you get this.  A cute little button.  A wool button.

Lets add another

And repeat the poke…poke… you get the picture.

And a third little button

How cute is that?

This is the back side so you can see how all the little wool fibers get poked through.

You can trim these.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

And now “3 buttons” joins his friends:

ENDLESS options!  Aren’t you feelin’ the Valentine Love?

To make the garland hot glue these lovelies onto a string of yarn.

Or ric rac.  Or ribbon.

And you can have this


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