Valentine Heart Wreath- The Red Headed Hostess

I saw this wreath made on “Studio 5”.  The idea comes from this blog – she has tons of good ideas.  Go there and she will give you good instructions.

I couldn’t find a foam heart form, so I cut out one from a piece of flat foam.

And before I added the felt pieces, I wrapped the heart with red tissue paper so the foam wouldn’t peek through anywhere.

And then I added moss to the back.

Here you can see that I’ve wrapped it in tissue paper and then put the felt on already.

Then I flipped over the heart and put the sheet moss on piece by piece.

I just hot glued it  in place.

I let the moss overlap the sides  in the gluing process

(Dont apply the glue to the moss, apply the glue to the heart and then lay the moss on top of the glue)

Then  trim the moss where it meets the felt.

Then continue to cover the wreath

Until its all covered and you have a nice mossy mess on your table.  And glue gun.

And then find a special place for it.

It started out here

And then as I typically do, I moved it to about 4 other places.  And it has found its final resting place here:

Until March.  Then it will rest in a box.


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