Valentine’s Day Pillows- The Red Headed Hostess

I know it may be kind of early

to be posting about Valentine stuff…  but you see, my husband and I had this thing going FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH of December, which was: we were BOTH convinced that we had won the “who got the other one the best Christmas present” contest.  And every night we would say to each other “I totally won” and we would argue about it and then try and guess what the other person had bought and then get nervous that we may actually guess and then abruptly stop talking and then repeat the whole thing again the next night.

So, after much anticipation…  and after wondering and wondering what was in the present that had been under tree since the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I am happy to announce….

that my husband got me a new sewing machine.  I love this machine.  Its pink, it has tons of stitches, and… best of all, HE DID RESEARCH ABOUT SEWING MACHINES before he bought this for me.

Let me explain…  him doing research on sewing machines is equivalent to me going to the automotive store and finding out about blinker fluid.  (which doesn’t exist, but I just asked my husband to tell me the most random part of a vehicle and that is what he said and so I typed it and now he thinks I am dumb but that proves my point all the more about how he went out and researched sewing machines!)

Check this out – it threads the needle for me!  This little contraption pushes the thread through the eye of the needle.  Love it!

And it is the Project Runway edition.  Which is a show that fascinates me.  I love seeing the creative process in action.

So here is the funny thing…

As soon as I opened the present and saw this machine, and when I was done jumping and screaming, I informed my husband that this is a gift that will keep on giving…  and taking… from our bank account.  Little did he know the supplies and fabric that I already knew I needed that I immediately started listing.  I almost ruined the moment.

So since Christmas was over – the first thing I wanted to make was Valentine stuff.  So I went and bought some different fabrics, cut them into different widths of strips, sewed the strips together…

and made this guy

It was super fun to experiment on the different stitches.  I like this pillow because it isn’t super Valentine-y.  It is pretty much just red, but it will compliment my other Valentine decorations.

Like this one.  The base of this is felt and I just cut out hearts, adorned them,  and stitched them on.  I kind of like the raw look of it.  (check out the green pillow my mom knitted me for Christmas!  I. Love. It.)

Look at that little charm.  I love that little extra and different element.

So if you are up for a little sewing project, try something like this.  And if you want something super easy – try this one:

That is just muslin lined burlap cut into squares, I wrote “Family” with a thick permanent marker, sewed and stuffed.

I love easy with impact.  That is kind of my mantra.


  1. I do something like this for all the holidays with my children and they love it! We make pillow cases for their beds for every holiday and put them on before the holiday and then switch them after it has passes and they get excited about it!

  2. I have that exact same sewing machine and my husband did the exact same thing…researched out the machines before he bought. I had no idea he was doing it (I was using an old one I borrowed from my mom) and was so excited too. These husbands…wow! I tried to do the same thing the next year for him and researched computer monitors. Um, overload!! I then realized how it was for him and it meant even more to me. Anyway, I’ve had it for a few years now, and let me tell you, it’s an awesome machine. I’ve sewn on other brands and machines and I love mine the best. 🙂 It’s just a smooth machine. And it is super cute. So we are sewing machine twins. 🙂

    Super cute pillows. And I love that you just wrote on the burlap with marker. Genius! I’ve seen all these tutorials where they put the burlap through the printer and I just don’t think my sad little printer could handle that. 🙂

  3. I have this same sewing machine and unfortunately I haven’t made great use of it…but it is a wonderful machine! Congrats on the new gift! 🙂

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