Valentine’s Day Heart Sticks- The Red Headed Hostess

These little guys can go so many places.  Here I have it in my planter on my front porch – but I also have them stuck in all sorts of other places.

See my post on “Valentine Garland” to see how to make the felt hearts.  After you put the wool design on them, then cut another felt heart out and sew (by hand)  them together leaving a little space in the bottom of the heart where you can stuff it with cotton balls and make a little heart pillow.   Then use that same hole to hot glue the stick into place.


To make the wooden hearts, you need these supplies:

1-  Wooden hearts, paint and painting sponge

2- Sticks

3- Glue

4-  Skewers

5-  Glitter

6- Moss (I used Reindeer Moss)

7-  Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Here is how you make the moss hearts

After you paint your hearts and they are all dry, take your skewer and dip it into your glue.

Shape the glue into a heart using your skewer.  Follow the lines of the wooden heart so you can get the same general shape.

Then take little pieces of the moss and press it into the glue.

Like this.  And keep doing that until the moss is in the heart shape.

Here is how you make the polka dot hearts.

Take the other end of your skewer and dip it into glue and put glue polka dots all over.

I wanted my dots to be randomly placed.   Not uniform.

Then sprinkle with your glitter

How fun is this “glitter”? Its not really glitter – but it did come in a glitter combo pack from Martha Stewart.

They are little teeny silver balls that roll all over the place when you are sprinkling them.

If you use these, I suggest that you use a cookie sheet under your paper.  I didn’t, which is why I got a really wide-eyed look from my hubby when he walked by at this exact point in the project.

Also, I suggest that you let the glue dry before you shake the excess off.

I didn’t do this either.  But here is the final result.

Here is a closer look

Here are some of his friends:

Look at the red tinsel glitter heart.  Also from the Martha Stewart combo pack.

As you can see I put them on sticks.  I just put a dab of hot glue on the back.  Thats it – easy.

Here are some more.

I found the “love” at Roberts.

And here they are doing their job:

Here is one in one of my arrangements.  I just made this with some real lemon leaves that dried quite nicely, fake red berries, silver branches, and a moss ball I stuck onto some birch branches.

I made the moss ball by pinning moss onto a foam ball.

Here’s another look

Here is one of my moss hearts

Here I stuck a heart and “love” into a real live plant.

The other things I made a while ago by sticking a moss ball on a group of sticks wired together.

Then I put another group of sticks across at the base of the moss ball.

The flat stick arrangement was made by laying the sticks flat and weaving floral wire inbetween the sticks.  Both on the top and bottom.  But you can’t see the bottom.

A fun way to make a plant a real accessory in your room.

Are you feeling loved yet?  Hope so.

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