The Birch Moss Wreath- The Red Headed Hostess

Originally I wanted to make a moss wreath for my Living Room.

But I couldn’t find a foam circle form large enough.  But I did find a birch wreath — and I started thinking….

And then this happened:

Here is the recipe:

1- One 18 inch birch wreath.  It was $18 for this.  So $1 an inch.  I didn’t think of that at the store.

2-   Moss.  I used Sheet Moss.  I thought I might also add Reindeer Moss – which I tried and then removed.

3-  Hot glue gun and glue

4-  And a table cloth or something.  You will witness for yourselves why.

Apply the hot glue to a small section of moss and lay it on the wreath

Repeat piece by piece.

I always laid it down before adding the glue so I could visualize exactly where I wanted each piece to go.

And continue to get moss all over the place

You will know when you are finished when you are satisfied with your birch to moss ratio.

Then dream about all of the possibilites, the ribbons, the Christmas decorations that may meet this wreath one day.

But today he will just be himself

 Welcome to my home.


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