An Easy Tablerunner- The Red Headed Hostess

So I was itching for a new table centerpiece

I itch often for that.  I’m pretty certain it is the most re-arranged part of my home.

And I had everything I wanted except for a table runner.

Which I decided needed to have 2 criteria:

  • He needed to be striped
  • And burlap

So I made this guy in seriously about 20 minutes.   I love cheap and easy projects.

I just cut my piece of burlap to the length I desired…

Then fold the edges over a 1/2 inch, ironed, and ran a stitch down the side

Then I took some masking tape and made a  4 inch stripes.

Now… pay attention here.  The 4 inches you see being measured above will be an UNPAINTED stripe.

If you painted inside those lines, you would only have a 2 inch stripe

So make sure when you lay out the tape that you take into account how to put the tape.   When measuring the unpainted stripe, you should measure from outside edge to outside edge

And then when measuring the stripe you will paint, you measure from inside edge to inside edge.

I love that the ruler says “Genius At Work”

I like to surround myself with sayings like this.

Now lay out a garbage bag under the burlap and paint your desired color

I went for gray.  I wanted something bold but still soft.

I wanted it thin and kind of light.  I considered lining  the bottom to give it more structure and so it would lay more flat…

You may want to do that.

But I didn’t.  Perhaps I will on the next one… wouldn’t this be cute with bright orange stripes on Halloween?

Or red and blue for the Fourth of July?

Or bright red for Christmas… and Valentine’s?

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  1. LOVE it! Fantastic idea. I love burlap. And stripes. And gray. And easy. Check, check, and check.

    p.s. I have a request. I’d love to see more pictures of you- I don’t know you in real life, and I always think it’s fun to “see” people.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I LOVE it and I’m always itching to change my table centerpiece. I don’t have a creative “vision”-I’m a copier. So thanks for sharing the craft idea and posting your table centerpiece-I think it is very chic, clean and sophisticated.

  3. Love the idea. I’m all about rearranging my table too. It’s such a fun display area. I have to ask where you got the darling bunny. I LOVE him!

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