The Garden Markers- The Red Headed Hostess

In my garden, I have always used those plastic thingies that come with the plants to identify what I am buying.  So I stick those somewhere around the plant and secretly hate how it looks.  So this year, I tried something different.
My husband had all these left over wooden stakes that he used to build our deck… and as he was going to throw them away… I saw their future in my garden… and they were saved.
I also had this wooden stain hanging around from a different project.
You just apply the stain.  And stain is super easy to work with because it just seeps in and you don’t have to worry about any paint marks.
Let it dry and then stain the other side.  These guys are going to be in the path of water every day of their gardening life, so the stain will help protect them.
Then gather your plastic thingies and write the names of your plants on the stakes with a piant pen.
I found the paint pen in the paint section.  It was $4 and the only thing I bought for this project.
Then put them in their new homes
I really like how they look.  Kind of rustic.
I wonder how much we will eat swiss chard.
I know the I will be the highest consumer of the red lettuce in our home.
And oh…. my tomatoes.  Please grow faster.

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