DIY Homemade Herb Pots- The Red Headed Hostess

I cannot wait  for my herbs to grow.  There is nothing like going outside and cutting from your plants and making something so fresh and healthy and yummy!
However,  while they are growing, and while they are producing food for your family – why not also be beautiful and personal as well?
I am a total sucker for details.  I just love  unexpected surprises in decorating.  So, these are right up my alley.  Herb pots with chalkboard tags on the front.
Here is how you make them:
For these herb pots, pick some pots that will compliment each other.  They can all be the same.  Or not.  They just should go together.  And hold Paint.
With masking tape, tape off the area you want to paint
Then cover the other areas so they won’t catch any stray paint
Here is the chalkboard paint.  I found it on the top shelf in the painting section.
 When my husband came out and asked what I was making, and I told him I was making little chalkboards on the pots – he replies: “you can’ t write on paint with chalk can you?”  Then I held up this can and saw his shock and wonder at such things existing.
Next, take your pots where you can get paint on things without any regret
And spray with several light coats.  I did one coat vertical, and then after it dried I did one horizontal.
I did a total of 4 coats.  Then let dry for 24 hours.
Then remove the tape and label your pots
And plant them
And then start begging them to grow
But meanwhile, they make quite a unique, personal and unexpected centerpiece

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