A Throw Pillow with a Message- The Red Headed Hostess

I love a throw pillow with words on it.  But I don’t like it if the words mean nothing to me.  And, to be honest, it would be hard to find a fabric, or throw pillow I like, that had words that would perfectly describe, or say, something that I would want displayed in my home all of the time.  So….  I made this.

I chose my words from the The Family:  A Proclamation to the World

Here is how I made it:

I cut out the fabric 2 inches wider that my pillow form –    I did this because I wanted to write the words past where the seams would be, and I just trimmed the seam later.  Oh – and I used duck cloth.

And I just used a big fat permanent marker and wrote in several sizes and fonts

* Maybe you could have your husband and kids write some of the words

Then I just sewed the 2 squares together.  That’s it.  Easy!

I have grown to love this pillow more and more as it has been in my family room now for a few days.  I love what it represents.

What words describe your family and what you seek to stand for?


  1. I love your website and your blogs. I have had so much fun looking at your ideas. I used your Young Women lesson ideas on God the Father and now I am going to use this pillow idea for our next Young Women activity. We are going to do the new 2011 theme with We Believe and put the 13th article of faith words on it to remind them of the theme all year. I will encourage them to put it on their beds as a decoration. Thanks for your ideas and your testimony!

  2. I loved it! May I translate it to Portuguese and post it in my blog including a link to yours (of course) for my Brazillian friends to see and maybe do one for themselves?
    Hugs from Brazil.

  3. This message is for Danielle,
    I have a son serving a mission in Brazil and would love to make and send one to him. Is there any way you could send me some of your translation. I would sooo appreciate it. And thank you to Shannon for your constant inspiration!!

  4. To Shannon: Thanks, Shannon!

    To Keri Harris:
    Sure I can!! Where is your son serving?
    Here are a couple of words in English found in the Proclamation and their version in Portuguese. If there’s any other you want me to translate, just let me know ([email protected]).

    Prayer: Oração
    Work: Trabalho
    Love: Amor
    Righteousness: Retidão
    Service: Serviço
    Family: Família
    Mother: Mãe
    Compassion: Compaixão
    Marriage: Casamento
    Happiness: Felicidade
    Father: Pai
    Faith: Fé
    Repentance: Arrependimento
    Forgiveness: Perdão
    Respect: Respeito

  5. I like this. I think I will also use this for the girls on their birthdays and have each of the other girls in the YW write a word that describes that YW, perhaps even her family, and then make it into a pillow and give it to them on their birthday. Just thought of this idea and i REALLY like it. Bummer that we have a birthday tomorrow:(

  6. The pillow really inspired me to do a FHE right before General Conference. My family loved the idea and we came up with several words that described our family. Kind of like our Family Motto. I’m sure not all the words are in the proclamation, but all the words make up our family. The pillow sits on our couch as a reminder each day of what we believe and who we are. Also I added our last name to it and the date we made it so the kids can check out their handwriting in 20 years. Thank you for the wonderful idea and inspiring our family to search who we are.

  7. Love this idea. I am planning on using this for our Laurel class in January. We are going to be focusing on The Proclamationnext year and this will be the perfect way to start things off. Love your website.

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