Look no Further… Chocolate Chip Cookie Bliss

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bliss

Since some of you may have family over this weekend…And since some of you will be making “man-food” more than usual…And since chocolate chip cookies are truly an American classic…I thought I may bring to your attention, or remind you… or encourage you…That you should make this cookie  recipe.

The end.

p.s.  Some of you have tried this recipe.  Like Dana…

We made your delicious chocolate chip cookies after stake conference yesterday and they are now our favorite cookie!

Thank you Dana!  So happy you found it!

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  1. I have a few left in my freezer and need to find the time to make some more. We love them !!! Just to let you know…my husband bought some giant marshmallows and was outside with the grand kids cooking them over the fire and I was baking these cookies. the girls came in and asked for graham crackers I gave then 2 hot chocolate chip cookies from this recipe, for their toasted marshmallo. they still rave about how yummy they were. thanks for sharing.

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