Chocolate Cinnamon Bears- The Red Headed Hostess

Thanks to my sister, this is one of my favorite treats.  If you have never had one, you are probably thinking, “chocolate cinnamon bears?” And then I would slide the plate over and you would take one and I would watch as you realize that you have been deprived your entire life.

If you were to buy these at the store, you would get a little plastic box of these guys for about 5 or 6$.  So when I saw the big, economy bag of plain ol’ cinnamon bears for 7$ on the candy isle, I thought to myself – “neighbor gifts”!  So I have been dipping bears for the past 2 days of my life.

And my husband thinks that our house is a candy shop and since this is his house too, he gets as much free candy as he wants.  So I have to keep making more bears.  And so I hide them.  And he finds them.  And I have to make more.

The Breakdown:

1-  Empty a bag of good chocolate chips in a microwavable bowl

2-  Microwave for 30 seconds

3-  Take out and stir

4.  Repeat numbers 2 and 3 two more times until melted

5-  Using a fork, Place a cinnamon bear on fork (don’t pierce), and dip the bear in the chocolate and pull out using the side of the bowl to scrape off the excess on the bottom of the fork.

6-  Place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper

7- After your bears are dipped, top with candies or melted white chocolate

8-  Let set for a couple of hours.   To expedite setting, place in fridge.

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  1. I love chocolate cinnamon bears. When my husband was in the hospital in Utah. The gift shop had them. I went back several times.
    I think I will make some this Christmas and give them away.

  2. Here in utah you can get them in bulk. I buy them at Maceys. Not as cute as yours. They don’t have the white chocolate drizzle but much easier. You can also take the tour of Sweets candy factory in Salt Lake and see how they make them. They are so good hot off the line.

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